Todays MillFam adventure was a 4k walk along the Royal Canal north of Dublin City center. We hoped on the LUAS and road the green line north to the end O’Connell upper, we were only on a Purnell run that does not go all the way to the end. The […]

Royal Canal Bike Fishing

A few teammates from the states came out this week to visit us in Dublin. In their honor, our fearless leader scheduled us a “morale event” consisting of some off-road driving training, a rope building thing, some laser skeet shooting and a team puzzle building thing. When we arrived split […]

Team Building in the Mud

In today’s nerd post we’ll be converting a Byte Array blob from a 35,000 line array of numbers into a JPG file using PowerShell. Office 365 stores user photos in a Users AD object in the thumbnailphoto field. The simplest PowerShell method to deal with the photos is using the […]

Images from Byte Arrays or Base64 Blobs

Part one in a series of Random picture collections from our life in Dublin. Going to start posting some of the random pictures we take in daily life to capture things that are not part of trips or adventures. This is the first installment in that series. Pictures of the […]

Dublin Randoms – One

Woke the kids at 300am to walk to the air coach for our 45-minute bus ride to the airport. The night before during tuck-in I asked the kids how they wanted to be woken up. Mila said she wanted me to sneak into her room on the floor put my […]


Today we walked to the Poolbeg Lighthouse. According to the information thing at the start of the walk down the breakwater construction began on the breakwater in 1715, the lighthouse started in 1748, and the project completed in 1795. 80 years of building from wood piles to granite hauled in by […]

PoolBeg LightHouse – Saturday walk

The clouds have left and the sun is out in Dublin this week. We even had a few days in the 20’s. We’ve been excited to be able to leave the house without hats and gloves and jackets. From work with the spotting scope there is an obelisk visible on […]

Killiney Obelisk

About 10 days ago on a Sunday Khaleesi came down with a fever of 103 degrees in freedom(tm) units; yeah flu.  I say about 10 days ago because it’s been a rough week or two and most of it has blurred together. Khaleesi vomited a few times and laid on the […]

The Great Plague of 2018

Randoms from January. I started writing a few different posts then look shiny object and never finished them. Figured I’d combine them all and make them shorter. First snow of the year Last night (A week ago now) it snowed in Dublin; Yeah snow. Was also windy as can be […]

Snow, Pancakes, and Cathedral

Today our plan is to see the Sagrada Família and Casa Milà, then eat some Tapas, anything else we find will be bonus points. Kids weren’t into breakfast at all. Cereal and some donuts and milk were offered and poked at, but not finished. I took a shower and failed […]

Barcelona Xmass Gift Trip – Second Half