Maddex has been into looking at paper maps of the area and checking maps on his phone lately. A week or two ago he found a place he wanted to explore on the map and told Michelle and I all about it. Then he mapped out the route we’d need […]

Howth Weekend

Khaleesi turns three on Friday and we typically designate a week plus or minus a bit  as a birthday extravaganza for the kids and we do our best to dedicated the time to adventures. Khaleesi asked to go to Paris for the weekend but the cheapest tickets available started at 100 euro. […]

Limerick and King Johns Castle

Two of my four kids are old enough to have to pay for the LUAS tram system in Dublin which uses LEAP cards for payment. When we arrived in Dublin we purchased a LEAP card for everyone who needed one. In an attempt to avoid misplacing the kids cards I […]

Holes in your LEAP card

For today’s adventure we’re off to walk along the Dublin grand canal for a bit then turn left down Harold’s cross road to the Mount Jerome cemetery. Looking around the city via satellite photos the other day I noticed a massive different coloured section that looked a large like a […]

Mount Jerome Cemetery

Today we meandered down to the LUAS station boarded a tram and took it to the end of the line; Stephens green in the old part of Dublin. We’re on a mission to explore, check out some more thrift shops, see a castle, open another bank account and put some […]

Old Town Dublin – First Visit

Millfam has been in Dublin for a whole week now,  it sure seems like longer, but it hasn’t been. We’ve been going non stop since we left the USA a week ago and I doubt we’ll slow down anytime soon. Monday tucking Maddex into bed he says ” Dad, it already feels like […]

Week One In Dublin

I was up bright an early before 0400 this morning running around Dublin in the dark. You know, maybe, Bright is not the right word to use in the same sentence with the words running around in the dark, but when did I ever make sense. Anywho, made it about […]

Odd Showers – first run to work

Tuesday 13:00 hours GMT-7 our plan left SEA. Wednesday 15:30 hours GMT +1 Dublin local time we landed in DUB. In between those two airports we sat, got up, ate, sat some more, cleaned up vomit, watched some movies, and had a few adventures. Eventually we ended up in new home. […]

We Made It

Today is my last official work day working for Microsoft US at the Redmond WA Microsoft campus. It’s an odd last day experience for me, because it’s not really my last day. Bullets are cool, I’ll let the bullets explain the odd. Quitting? – Technically I am terminating employment with […]

Last Day in Redmond

I’m turning 30 plus 10 this year and I can, oddly, say I’m content and satisfied for the first time in my adult life. The road from kid to here has been fun. I’ve always set bold goals for myself and vigorously worked to run through them. All of the big […]

Turning 30 +10