TLDR – Ice creme on the face, some tree growth, pictures of the kids at same height, war wounds and a spinning thing Ice Creme Social We generally have a treat like ice cream, or ice lollies, or popcorn and watch a show before the bedtime tuck-in routine. On this […]

Dublin Randoms – Four

Maddex wants to make videos of him playing Video games, Mila wants to do singing videos, and I’d like to record the kids chatting about our adventures – We have the beginning of a recording studio now. We started the setup in the kitchen for Maddex to record some videos […]

Recording Things

After we moved to Ireland and started walking everywhere last year we started looking for treasures when out about. As the year has progressed the kids have become better and better at finding things. To the point, they are now finding things Michelle and I don’t notice. The goal is […]

Finding Treasures – 2018

I was trying setup an RDP gateway through a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter today and ended up missing a big step that sent me down the path of updating the SSL certificate on an EdgeRouter. Not being one to read directions, I originally setup up the port forwarding on the EdgeRouter to […]

EdgeRouter SSL Config

Michelle’s grandmother has some cancer and is chosen to let it limit her life span and enjoy the time she has left vs, fighting it and dealing with all of that. As She puts it ” I’m 93 and tired, I’ve had a great life” Once we’d received the news […]

Single Dad Life 2018

In this episode we have, Maddex recording some videos, Roxi setting off a glitter bomb in the lab, some guy riding a horse down the street, using magnets to find change on the LUAS, a picnic, and some rainbows at work. Maddex Making Videos Maddex has been wanting to record […]

Dublin Randoms – Three

In today’s Dublin Randoms episode, we have the following pictures – ¬†Khaleesi on a scooter, selfies with the girls, Michelle hobnobbing, Fitbit nerd stuff, some burgers, a scooter pack, and a number of shots around the office at work. Fun with Kids Khaleesi has been practicing her scooter riding with […]

Dublin Randoms – Two

If you’ve made it to Part 2 before reading part 1…. Part 1 can be found here. – This is a long one due to the number of pictures not the number of words. Only about 3000 words, 50+ images; I stopped counting. Have fun, and don’t mind the typos […]

Miller GrandParts Visit – Part 2

In an effort to spend more time with dad, and I hope because she seems to have a blast doing it, Mila has been working to monopolize scooter rides to the store with dad. Since she was a wee lass she has always had great running form and balance. It’s […]

Mila Scootering to the Store

My parents are not travelers. They do not have much interest in seeing the world or touring places like we do. My parents¬†live in what I like to call the Pan. In the middle of the pan is their house, a few miles away from their house is the house […]

Miller GrandParts Visit – Part 1