Visiting Oracle

TLDR – Rode the scooter to Oracle to take a tour. To get out of the house, preview […]

Dublin Randoms 8

TLDR – Some Legos, cooking, costumes, the Grinch, and a puzzle. Short catch up We’re about 2 weeks […]

MillFam US visit 1 – part 4

TLDR – Peterson final visit, Woodland park zoo, Overnight at the Mainers, Clem hangout, then fly home. Did […]

The Pirate ship 2018

My father has always been great with the kids; more so Maddex then the girls, but he manages […]

MillFam US visit 1 – part 2

TLDR – Pictures from around the Brian and Lisa’s, and Miller’s and Peterson grandparents house + pumpkin carving. […]


Wes visit – 2

TLDR – Dun Laogaire, and Kilkenny Castle with Wes and Carie and John. Dun Leary (SP) Today’s adventure […]