Today is my last official work day working for Microsoft US at the Redmond WA Microsoft campus. It’s an odd last day experience for me, because it’s not really my last day. Bullets are cool, I’ll let the bullets explain the odd. Quitting? – Technically I am terminating employment with […]

Last Day in Redmond

I’m turning 30 plus 10 this year and I can, oddly, say I’m content and satisfied for the first time in my adult life. The road from kid to here has been fun. I’ve always set bold goals for myself and vigorously worked to run through them. All of the big […]

Turning 30 +10

For your Viewing pleasure, different methods to add line numbers to powershell output. Methods focused at adding the numbers to the default view of ;the Format-list command Why add line numbers? Why? – I’m tired of counting line numbers in powershell output. I enjoy using the square brackets to select / […]

Line Numbers in PowerShell

I took the month of May off work this year. We get 3 months off kid leave at micosoft, but we got busy and stuff and only managed to squeeze in a month out of the three; Oh well. It’s now about three weeks into month and I’m at work […]

Hey Kev – What did you on Vacation

  Their is a 99.3% chance the MillFam6 will be relocating to Dublin Ireland starting in the summer months of 2017- Dates and details still being worked out. While in Dublin last year Mr. Ashwin, the Boss, said bla bla would you like to move to Dublin bla bla – […]

MillFam is Moving to Dublin

Initial problem – In the ticket that sparked this Post  consisted of customer complaining about seeing the popup in outlook “Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook” Outlook pops this error for a few reasons, primarily when a Named Property mapping GUID changes on the mailbox. Which […]

Reading Mailbox Move History

Michele, My wife, I call her baby, said some heart punching words to me this morning. I’m still taking them in working out how meaningful they are.  Michelle randomly says to me — I realized something last weekend. When you’re young you deeply crave praise and acceptance from your parents; […]

Heart Punch

Michelle says “kids have spring break coming up we should go on a road trip” – Awesome, plan it out, surprise me where we are going and let’s do it. Michelle packed the van up Wednesday while I was at work, then 0700 Thursday we took off. First Day – […]

Idaho Road Trip 2017 – Part 1

When I leave for work I tell the kids “See you tomorrow” I say these words because I don’t make it home from work untill midnight or later. By the time I’m home everyone in the house is sleeping. I might peak in on them before I pass out, but they don’t wake up […]

Notes and Treats

End of Last year, when work was dead, I took Maddex to work with me for a day. Mila’s been randomly asking to come to work with me since. Saturday, Trenton was headed north to Monroe (pronounced Mon-Row in my head) to obtain a MIG welder. His route home took […]

Daddy Mila Work Day