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The Great Colin O’Neil  took us to his family farm in Wexford a few weekends ago, and made our kids cry in the most amazing way possible! By dressing up as a dinosaur and chasing them down in a forest. I guess it has been about three weeks now; super being on getting these bits written up and posted.


Maddex screaming in fear running from the baby rex

Ever since Colin took Wes and I to his place in Wexford last year I’ve had a deep desire to take the kids out there to run around the forest. It’s THE most amazing forest I’ve ever played in. Hundreds of ~15 year old trees 5 feet apart in perfect rows tall enough and dense enough to block out the sun. On the ground below the trees there is nothing but pine needles; It’s so much fun to run around in. Sadly it was pissing rain most of the time we were there and we did not get the chance to run around I’d hoped for. – we still had a great time.


Kids are checking out one of the dino nests with an egg in it

After lunch, after Colin taking Michelle and I on a tour of Wexford city center and after running around in the forest for a bit we went for a nice walk on the beach. It’s nice that the beach is only a few miles away from the house. The beach is a huge massive many mile long clean sandy beach. Wish it would have been a tiny bit dryer, but oh well, we made the most of it.


Beach goes on and on and on

I tried to get some drone shots of the place but my drone software grounded itself due to the needing for some updates. No internet at the farm, so grounded untill internet; annoying. Lets see the full list of what we did, we save the dino eggs, walked the farm and forest, fed some pigs apples, checked out a new house being built, fed the fairies marshmallows, visited with Colin, his wife and in-laws, ate food, rocked on the zebra, walked on the beach, went to Wexford, and had a grand time – great use of a saturday.

More pictures


checking out the dino nest


Mila and Khaleesi laying by the fire


walking down a sandy road in the rain to the beach


we made it to the beach


DAD I NEED to build a sand castle


Lets make cheezy grins


Roxi didn’t get to run the sand but she sure had fun staying dry in the pack




Colin-a-saurus running through the forest to attack the kids


Running out of the forest to get the kids




He’s comming back for more


The kids know what is going on now and are on the attack


Stop dad Don’t eat me



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