Date – Glasses – Ear rings

TLDR – Mila mentioned she was having issues seeing so we took her to an Eye exam. While we were at it we our Xmas date.

Date Night – Xmas Gift

For Xmas the kids drew me pictures of dates for us to go on. Adventures are better gifts then things to me. At first glance it looks like Mila I were going to a pacific island, having 40’s then holding up heads or pineapples. After her explanation it turned out we are going to get our ears pierced, having slushies, then having Milk shakes.

Xmas card from Mila

Getting some Glasses

Michelle set up an appointment for Mila and I Friday at 14:30 in Dundrum at Specsaver, and our date now had a date.  Michelle picked the girls up from school early to give Mila and I enough time to make it to our appointment. Maddex wanted to stay at school to finish gymnastics, his last class of the day. Mila and I caught a 14:00 Luas to Balally. From the station we walked to the Dundrum shopping center where we found Specsavers on the third floor.

While we waited for our exams Mila tried on almost all of the kids glasses. She tried on pink ones, black ones, a wheres wally pair, some frozen glasses, some adult glasses, and some cat glasses before she eventually settled on a bright blue pair.

Most of the glasses next to Mila were on her face at one time of the night
The Glasses she settled on

During the eye exam Mila took and failed a test for depth perception and her responses to some of the colour blindness charts were not what you would expect. The optometrist decided to dilate her eyes an do the whole exam to double check. Mila did not like the dilatation drugs, but she powered through it. Lads of questions, Dad why this, why that, what is this. Great conversations and answering questions.  AFter Mila had her first appointment I had mine with a different optometrist.

The gal who looked at my eyes spent some extra time looking at my corneas. She said they were extra dry and rough. I do wake up with foggy vision from time to time when I sleep less then 3 hours a night. Might have to go back on the Vaseline like cream at nights from what she said; Joy…  Waiting for Mila’s second appointment the gal came out to call Mila’s name and some other women said here. Then she started laughing

Then Mila started luahging. The women said ” My name is not even Mila, no idea why I said here. But I do love the name MIla” Mila thought that was funny. Mila was great with all of the testing eventually the optomptrist gave Mila her glasses percription. She wanted to give it to her in stages. We are starting out at 2/3 power then moving up to full power in 3-4 months after another exam. Happy days for Mila.

Mila expressing if 1 or 2 is better

Ears and Food

After what seemed like hours of waiting at the packed Specsaver we were back in the mall shopping. Mila still wants to get her ears pierced, so ears it is . Claire’s is on the same floor and they do piercing. Mila picked out some rainbow star ear rings. Which turn out to be the same shape as the ear rings in her picture. Not sure if she planned it that way, but it worked out that way.

Last picture before Mila obtained the second set of holes in her ears.

The gal who was helping us out enlisted a second co-worker to help. They each took an ear gun and an ear and pierced both of Mila’s ears at the same time. Before we left the states Mila and I both had our ear’s pierced at the south center mall. Mine are still in, Mila’s came out a bit too early and she was not able to put them back in without pain. She gave up on them. This time we are going to be heavy into cleaning and make sure we don’t have any problems.

After the holes Mila requested McDonald Milk shake and a burger. If that is what the princess wants that is what she gets. We ate dinner on the second floor at the bar looking out at the water show. Mila was super brave and tough getting her ears done. Impressed by the little princess.

Holes Marked all ready to go


Taking pictures so Mila can see how she looks
A thinking look, do I like this? Why yes I think I do


Dinner, fries and a Mile Shake

Prescriptions in case you are curious






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