Dublin Randoms – Three

In this episode we have, Maddex recording some videos, Roxi setting off a glitter bomb in the lab, some guy riding a horse down the street, using magnets to find change on the LUAS, a picnic, and some rainbows at work.

Maddex Making Videos

Maddex has been wanting to record Minecraft videos for a while. We finally set up him up on a surface with OB studio and Minecraft, a second monitor, some headphones, a nice mic, and some lights to record. He tried to start a few times but got nervous and we ended up putting it off for now until he is ready. Don’t want to push too hard. Plus we might want to move to record into the Lab where we can better control the noise.



Roxi loves Glitter

Roxi must check the Lab door a few times a day. Because she seems to find it unlocked every time we forget to lock it. When she finds it unlocked she sneaks into the lab looking for glitter to dump out and roll around in. Which makes such a crazy mess. I’m glad we have a cordless Dyson vac to help with the cleanup.



Horse car?

Walking to the LUAS the other day we were passed by a horse-drawn buggy. He was keeping up with traffic and it took me a bit to get my phone out. I was not able to get ahead on photo. I only managed to get one of him going away from us. Showed the image to the boss, who is Irish, he says ” ya that happens here” like it was no big deal he see’s a few times a day.



Kids on the LUAS

We’re always on the lookout for treasures on the ground, coins, jewelry, interesting stuff. The kids discovered some coins under LUAS seats the other day. Now they want to check seats whenever the LUAS is empty enough. Which is better than them causing chaos jumping around making noise. To up our game, we picked up a telescoping magnet with a light on it. Maddex spent like 5 minutes on a coin the other day. He was so proud when he got it.




Bonus picture of the kids on the Dundrum LUAS bridge
Double Bonus the kids and mom at a LUAS stop

Picnic at CarrickMines

We took the family shopping at CarrickMines the other day for Birthday gifts, meatballs, and purses. The Purses were stupid costly and stayed in the store. The kids picked out good gifts, and the meatballs are in the freezer waiting to be cooked and eaten. After shopping, we popped into McDonald’s and picked up some food. The kids wanted to eat outside on a grassy hill; picnics are cool; approved.


Around the Office

When it’s sunny outside and the sun is just right, my Crystal collection under the window makes rainbows around the office. This block of rainbows is above the boss’s desk. He’s Irish and we suspect he might be a leprechaun.


I brought the magnetic levitation thing into work when Maddex came to work with me a few weeks ago. It has a green guy on it right now that was spinning when I left work on Wednesday and was still spinning when I made it back to work on Sunday; Science!!



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