Fairy Castle – Two Rock

TLDR – Todays walk took us to Fairy castle. About 13K(8mile) with ~500m(1500′) of gain.

Walking up the Hill

The entrance to the Ticknock mountain trails is a 15-minute walk from the house. Fridays are my day off of work and the kids are not in school, Thanks Covid-19, Fridays are now hiking PE day for the Millfam. Today’s hike was all the way to the Fairy castle near the top of Two peaks.  It’s not really a castle, it’s a pile of stones with a wood walking path around it, but it’s still cool. According to the internets there used to a cave tomb entrance under the pile of rocks that was a burial chamber. The entrance has caved in and is no longer visible – sad face no caves.

Trail entrance. The kids think the swinging gate is an amusement park ride

The first third of the walk we did last week and was not new terrain for us. Instead of stopping at the lower comms tower, we stopped at last week.  We went up a steep muddy path off the main road towards some more towers that looked to be a straight shot to the castle. I would say 1/3 of the total elevation gain was this path over the course of maybe 1km. Climbing over a tree was the first breath catcher water break, the second break was about 5 minutes from there at a level trail crossing. It took about a half-hour to conquer this steep section of the hike. We conquered with no complaining, laughter, and smiles.


I am the honey badger nothing stops me” – Roxi a few times on the hike not slowing down for nothing. Some of the rocks we are climbing over are waist height to Roxi and Khaleesi. It’s impressive watching them not even hesitate to climb over them up this steep trail section. At the top of the steep muddy path past three huge Comm’s towers the path turns into a gravel road followed by a stone path. Much easier to walk on.

Made it to the top of the steep part

Fairy Castle

The last few kilometers of the walk was a rocky stair-like path. Perfect for parkour and jumping. There are numerous rocks a few inches apart making a mini canyon. The kids delighted jumped from one rock to another over not failing into the lava-filled chasm. The loved it. Best part of the hike by far.

Great rocky trail – Maddex in the lead the whole time
You can almost see the pile of rocks off in the distance – let’s run the rest of the way

Finally after parkour and running the last of the way to the rock pile it’s time to climb the rock pile and hold our arms up in the air, and say “I’m king of the world. I farted“. It’s windy and a bit cold on top of the pile. To avoid the wind we set up lunch at the bottom of the hill. As we were setting up lunch a couple sitting on the leeward side of the rock pile got up and told us we should take their spot – claiming it’s warm and windless. Their claim was accurate, it was a perfect lunch spot.

After running around the rock pile, and eating lunch everyone “claimed” to be a bit worn out. No more adventure hiking on the way back.  The walk down the hill took us over the same path back taken on the way up. With one exception; Maddex took a right at a Y where we took a left. It took about 8 minutes before the tails met again. Maddex was there waiting. He said he as not worried yet…  It’s so much simpler going downhill. At the bottom of the super steep muddy path, we came upon an older couple coming up. They asked where we came from. We told them the Fairy castle about 3km away up the hill. They were shocked, pointing at Roxi – saying “She made it that far?” Roxi says back at them “ I am the honey badger nothing stops me” – Love that girl. Super proud of all of the kids.

Back at home – “Kids you did such an amazing job today you can do anything you want for the rest of the day

I made it to the top dad
Our rock pile lunch
Wood path around the rock pile with wire U nails added for traction

Some more pictures






Mila on top
Khaleesi on top
Mila and Roxi posing on top of the pile
Maddex conquering some random rock
The walk on the road on the way home



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