Lab Journal – 2016

Lab Journal cover

In 2016 Maddex and I setup a lab in the basement of the Shed. Later on in the year Mila and Khaleesi started to be involved in our lab building projects. From day one in the lab I’ve been hand writing in a journal what we do in the lab. My hand writing is not awesome, and backups are great. For now I’m going to double entry into the written journal and this page.


  • 5/1 – Setup the first table, added the LED magnifier arm, and the first LED light bar in the lab | repaired some watches | installed a triple monitor arm
  • 5/6 – Built a variable sound generator using a radio shack 200 in one kit
  • 5/9 – Built a Da Vinci catapult model and fired it in the driveway | worked with snap circuits a bit
  • 5/11 – Another batch of watches to repair
  •  5/15 – Setup a Z420 desktop in the lab and added a fifth monitor attached to a USB 3 docking station
  • 5/22 – rebuilt a Lego train engine Maddex built once and took apart | installed a USB Camera and added the Lab computer to the in house Skype intercom setup | Added a shelf on the power wall tied to the ceiling with some rope
  • 5/24 – Finished the middle car of the Lego train set | Mixed and played with a package of glow in the dark slime
  • 5/30 – Built Lego set 76053 / Harley Quinn and Batman on motorcycles | Added another display shelf to the lab | assembled a parts bin we picked up at harbor freight
  • 5/31 – Built Lego set 76048- Avengers underwater battle | Setup a PIP band for Maddex with sprinted screens a sweat band with paper inserts found at work in the trash. Maddex uses it to control his turbo on walks.


  • 6/2 – Roxi was born
  • 6/5 – Maddex and GrandpaP built Lego Minecraft 21113
  • 6/11 – Trenton and Mila both showed up in the lab to help | Trenton and I soldered some wires for his car wiring harness. We ended up using the torch due to wire size | Maddex built Lego 7600 Batman and Mr. Freeze Lego set | Mila started on Lego 41004 Lego friends stage
  • 6/16 – Added a desk space for Mila under the marker board | Worked on the Lego sets from the 11th we were not able to finish.
  • 6/19 – Maddex started Lego 2114 Minecraft farm | I setup VNC on all of the machines in the house to allow me to access remotely and modify settings. Focus today was implementing some setup Improvements with blue iris
  • 6/20 – Created this page | Mila finished Lego 41004 the Lego friends stage | Mila built a small table for Khalessi to use while she is working on projects | I added a small book shelf to display finished projects | Maddex built an erector setup speed boat | Maddex and I used some left over concrete


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