Man Hole Covers of the EU

While mom and dad visited in June my father was into the man-hole covers around Dublin. Dad is a man who buys what ever he wants when he wants. Making him difficult to shop for. I’ve come up with Idea, over the next few years we’re going to collect pictures of the kids laying next to man hole covers from our travels and make a book out of them for a gift.

Denmark July 2018

Lat 55,44,13.9299 Long 9,7,22.4899
Lat 55,44,11.7900 Long 12,34,32.4100


Lat 55,40,51.2300 Long 12,35,8.0100
Lat 55,40,36.5799 Long 12,34,14.7300
Lat 55,40,30.7399 Long 12,34,7.1699
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