New Cat

TLDR – One of our cats, Midnight had organ failure and needed to be put down. We replaced her with a Kitten named Coco.

Midnight no more

Michelle and Mila noticed our female cat Midnight was sick; she was not moving much or eating.  Michelle booked a vet appointment for the next day at Village Vets Sandyford to have Midnight looked at. After the kids were in bed that night Michelle heard the cat, sensed the cat was in distress, not sure what motived her, but she went outside looking for Midnight. We found her lying in the plants in the neighbors front garden not moving. Looking at her I had a feeling she was laying there waiting to die. We brought her in wrapped her up and hoped she would make it through the night.

Mila and I took Midnight to the vet the next day to be checked out. We dropped her off asking the vet to run some base-level testing. I let the vet know she was drinking a lot of water, and she was swolling froward of her rear hips. I figured her kidneys or liver were damaged or failing. We rode home waited for a call from the vet. They called a few hours later saying my diagnosis was mostly accurate. They had stabilized her with IV and some drugs but she needed to be moved to an ER if she was to make it through the day.

Mila looking like a teenager on the bike in front of the Vet waiting to drop Midnight off

Even if she made it through the day chances of her recovering fully in her lifetime were next to zero. Told the vet we would chat about it and call them back. We called back about an hour later after letting the kids knew we needed to put midnight to sleep. The vet said all of the kids could come and we should do it soon. We loaded up on the bikes and went straight away to the vet. Michelle rode Mila’s bike for her first bike ride of the bike beyond the front street.

At the vet they took us all into a room with Midnight wrapped in a blanket where the vet left and gave us some time. The kids had some time to say goodbye then the vet came back in and gave Midnight the last shot. Mila held her while she slowly stopped breathing and you could see the light go out in her eyes. We all had a few tears before ridding back home minus one cat.  Mellow night at home as the kids dealt with the loss.

Saying goodbye to Midnight
Sad kids around a cat with no more life.

Coco the Kitten

Michelle and Mila started plotting to replace Midnight with a new cat the next day. I was not hot on the idea of another pet, at the same time was not opposed. Took Michelle about a week to contact people on Done deals before finding the right kitten. The kitten owners met Michelle and Mila at Sandyford hall where they exchanged 15 euros for a kitten. The kids named the new kitten Coco.

Coco had a visit to the vet for shots and a checkup – she passed. Coco is a great kitten very loving and snuggly, the opposite of our other cats. Mila kept Coco in her room for the first few weeks to try to force her to love her. Maybe we should have named the kitten Stockholm after the syndrome?

Coco handing out on mom’s desk
The cat likes sitting on my back or shoulders like a bird. It’s ok until the claws dig in.


Bonus Pictures

Dropping Midnight at the vent she rode in the box.




Mila giving Midnight one last snuggle
The vet mailed us a brilliant we’re sorry for your loss card with foot and nose prints.
Roxi torturing / I mean snuggling the new kittne
Stockholm in her room…..


Yup – a cat – if it fits I sits in the box.

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