For your Viewing pleasure, different methods to add line numbers to powershell output. Methods focused at adding the numbers to the default view of ;the Format-list command Why add line numbers? Why? – I’m tired of counting line numbers in powershell output. I enjoy using the square brackets to select / […]

Line Numbers in PowerShell

I took the month of May off work this year. We get 3 months off kid leave at micosoft, but we got busy and stuff and only managed to squeeze in a month out of the three; Oh well. It’s now about three weeks into month and I’m at work […]

Hey Kev – What did you on Vacation

  Their is a 99.3% chance the MillFam6 will be relocating to Dublin Ireland starting in the summer months of 2017- Dates and details still being worked out. While in Dublin last year Mr. Ashwin, the Boss, said bla bla would you like to move to Dublin bla bla – […]

MillFam is Moving to Dublin

Initial problem – In the ticket that sparked this Post  consisted of customer complaining about seeing the popup in outlook “Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook” Outlook pops this error for a few reasons, primarily when a Named Property mapping GUID changes on the mailbox. Which […]

Reading Mailbox Move History

Michele, My wife, I call her baby, said some heart punching words to me this morning. I’m still taking them in working out how meaningful they are.  Michelle randomly says to me — I realized something last weekend. When you’re young you deeply crave praise and acceptance from your parents; […]

Heart Punch

Michelle says “kids have spring break coming up we should go on a road trip” – Awesome, plan it out, surprise me where we are going and let’s do it. Michelle packed the van up Wednesday while I was at work, then 0700 Thursday we took off. First Day – […]

Idaho Road Trip 2017 – Part 1

When I leave for work I tell the kids “See you tomorrow” I say these words because I don’t make it home from work untill midnight or later. By the time I’m home everyone in the house is sleeping. I might peak in on them before I pass out, but they don’t wake up […]

Notes and Treats

End of Last year, when work was dead, I took Maddex to work with me for a day. Mila’s been randomly asking to come to work with me since. Saturday, Trenton was headed north to Monroe (pronounced Mon-Row in my head) to obtain a MIG welder. His route home took […]

Daddy Mila Work Day

I’ve been a diehard netmon user for many many years. Windows 10 has been telling me it is not supported for a year. I’m comfortable and spoiled with netmon because I know how to do the things that have meaning to me.I’ve been trying to Message Analyzer, and Wireshark; weaning […]

Finding the PAC file – with WireShark

Ran in the snow- Awesome | ran in the mud and a tree fell on me - Also Awesome.

Rouge Tree