I’ve been a diehard netmon user for many many years. Windows 10 has been telling me it is not supported for a year. I’m comfortable and spoiled with netmon because I know how to do the things that have meaning to me.I’ve been trying to Message Analyzer, and Wireshark; weaning […]

Finding the PAC file – with WireShark

Ran in the snow- Awesome | ran in the mud and a tree fell on me - Also Awesome.

Rouge Tree

I had one of those living in the future and being connected is gnarly moments today. I run with clothing, fitness trackers, phone, head phones and keys, and I fixed internet access for a company today. Gnarly I can do that with so little, kind of sad that even out in […]

Living in the Future. Curse or Gnarly?

To Copy the wise Knight of sufferlandria Paul, I’m going to keep a running list of the books I read for the year. Mostly to remind myself what I’ve read, but also to be able to look up what I read to share with others when they ask me about something I […]

Book Diary – 2016

I joke that we are paid in Gold bars at Microsoft because it feels like so much money. On top of the standard issued gold bars Microsoft offers a number of ways to obtain bonus Silver bars. Today I shall write about my version of extracting those gold and silver bars; how […]

Micosoft FTE Max level Money Extraction

It’s about 0340 on a Friday morning and I’m sitting on a hard plastic chair In the ER watching my father drift in and out sleep listening to him having a difficult time breathing. He’s much better then when he arrived, but it’s still a massive slap on the face […]

Listening to Dad Breathe

Work is annually as dead and as slow as can be the last few weeks of the year. Most of the tickets my team works are opened by end users when they break something or notice something we broke. Most customers and Microsoft employees take this time of the year […]

Maddex to Work Xmass 2016

Had a ticket at work about Outlook in online mode being slow when connecting to Office 365 from Singapore. They person who opened the ticket did a massive amount of work. interviewed users with spreadsheets, took screen shots, pings, provided a network diagram – all of the things. After looking […]

Network Latency and Outlook

Back in November when Wes and I planned to fly to Dublin and let the site know we were coming the Coone offered to take us on a road trip. We accepted in an instant. I figure the email from Colin better tells the plan of the trip then I […]

Dublin – Glendalough and Wexford Trip

It all started in Vancouver with a picture of an odd washroom urinal with handle bars around it. I see odd things and take pictures, because that’s what I do. I’m looking at this urinal thinking how do you even use the handles? I tried a few methods and none of them […]

Dublin Trip Bathrooms 2016