In an effort to spend more time with dad, and I hope because she seems to have a blast doing it, Mila has been working to monopolize scooter rides to the store with dad. Since she was a wee lass she has always had great running form and balance. It’s […]

Mila Scootering to the Store

My parents are not travelers. They do not have much interest in seeing the world or touring places like we do. My parents┬álive in what I like to call the Pan. In the middle of the pan is their house, a few miles away from their house is the house […]

Miller GrandParts Visit – Part 1

Since we moved to Ireland and have been utilizing the LUAS as our core transportation thing, I’ve wanted an alert to pop-up on my watch telling me the train times when I’m near a stop. Near being like 2-5 minutes from the stop walking speed. I’ve toyed around with the […]

Near the Luas – PushOver

Short Version | To set up an on this day email from a WordPress blog thing; download on_this_day plugin, upload to your site, and active. Then set up a Microsoft Flow RSS to email flow to watch the RSS feed and send emails when new things show up. More words […]

On This Day WordPress Email

Today(when I started writting this, not when I finally published it) is Friday and the kids don’t have school today. School was canceled to allow their school to be used as a voting center for the big to kill unborn babies or not to kill unborn babies referendum vote in […]

Three day weekend – Thanks Yes Vote

Todays MillFam adventure was a 4k walk along the Royal Canal north of Dublin City center. We hoped on the LUAS and road the green line north to the end O’Connell upper, we were only on a Purnell run that does not go all the way to the end. The […]

Royal Canal Bike Fishing

A few teammates from the states came out this week to visit us in Dublin. In their honor, our fearless leader scheduled us a “morale event” consisting of some off-road driving training, a rope building thing, some laser skeet shooting and a team puzzle building thing. When we arrived split […]

Team Building in the Mud

In today’s nerd post we’ll be converting a Byte Array blob from a 35,000 line array of numbers into a JPG file using PowerShell. Office 365 stores user photos in a Users AD object in the thumbnailphoto field. The simplest PowerShell method to deal with the photos is using the […]

Images from Byte Arrays or Base64 Blobs

Part one in a series of Random picture collections from our life in Dublin. Going to start posting some of the random pictures we take in daily life to capture things that are not part of trips or adventures. This is the first installment in that series. Pictures of the […]

Dublin Randoms – One

Woke the kids at 300am to walk to the air coach for our 45-minute bus ride to the airport. The night before during tuck-in I asked the kids how they wanted to be woken up. Mila said she wanted me to sneak into her room on the floor put my […]