Running – Less uphill battle more Awesome

Kev is feeling awemazeballs today about his running, like jump up and down and giggle and say Fuck ya happy. The awesome feeling about the running has been growing all week long culminating today in a bunch of new records and goals being accomplished. Back in February I made a goal to run the 2 mile loop at work, once. For the most part I was making it close to a mile then turning around and coming back. When I made the goal the first time it hurt me and I had to take time to recover. Back in March I ran the loop for the first time without pain or crying, and I was super excited.

Today I’m feeling amazing about running because I ran my full 2.5-3 mile loop all four work days of week without pain. Icing the cake to me, every day of the week I set a new record mile split time beating the day before. The past two weeks I’ve been working to keep my toes limp and not push them into the ground. The limp toes have made a strong positive impact on my running soreness – Smart move to keep limp toes.

After finishing today’s run I feel like the mountain of a challenge running has been for me is starting to level off and become less difficult. As the running is becoming less difficult and I am able to do it more often, faster over greater distances the body getting into better shape stuff should start happening quicker; I hope.

Resistance and proteins

Along the Quicker better bigger faster harder stronger lines, I’ve added a few more things to improve results – Between my current obsession with Costco’s Kirkland branded Quest bars and some protein powder brownies I’m attempting to perfect I’ve added a good 60-80 grams of daily protein to my diet. I’ve also started added yoga, weights, rings, jumps, resistance work, and such to my workout routine. More protein, and more resistance should result in greater muscle mass to burn more fat off quicker. It’s like science and biology and stuff from what I am told.

Some pictures

I’ve been slacking taking pictures out on my runs. I should maybe get back to doing that or something. Will be simpler next month because I’m going to start running on Coal creek or cougar mountain trails. Work is moving me to downtown Bellevue next month and there aren’t any none pavement trails near the office I’ve been able to find. Maybe next year I’ll be ok to run on concrete, but now I’d like to stick with gravel or soil.

Weekly averages on my first work week with 4 loops in a row.

Last loop of the week – first 2 miles were under 11 minutes, last one had a bunch of cooling down and hit 13 minutes

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