Magnet in the Ear

TLDR – Roxi stuck something in her ear, we extracted it with a magnet

Text from mom

Michelle sent me a message on signal yesturday while I was at work — so great fun! Roxi has been complaining about her ear hurting for a few days and I figured it was an ear ache/infection type deal the kids always get. Today on the way to school she tells me she put an earring in her ear a few days ago and that’s why it is hurting. Of course, I never thought to actually look in the ear, looked at preschool, sure enough, she has one of those magnetic earrings in her ear…so that should be fun to get out. It together, in one piece so I don’t have to worry about a magnet loose in her body, but geesh. No idea how long that has even been there.

She looks so innocent here

Coming home to Extract

I laughed outloud and thought back to the last time Michelle texted me saying something was in Mila’s ear.  Michelle managed to extract the last thing on her own in the middle of nowhere Olalla. I figured she would be fine this time, being experienced and all, but it also sounded like a good excuse to come home from work early and avoid the rain scheduled for my normal return time.

I came home from work early to help, and avoid the rain. I was looking at it the magnet in there trying to work out how to get it out of her ear. I showed John and John says what about your fishing magnet.  Genius IDEA!! – Busted out the 300# heavy duty fishing magnet. Put it on her ear, and Roxi giggled saying it tickled. Pulled the magnet away and it had the earring on it. – WINNING!! the day has been saved

Didn’t even clean the fishing magnet off before using it
earring next to 1e coin for size 


On the ride home I was envisioning sticking a paper clip in her ear trying to fish it out. Getting home and looking, the thing was in there deep. I was worried we might need to take her to A&E to avoid rupturing her eardrum. Thanks for the brilliant Idea John!

A few more pictures of Roxi


Another Roxi injury – no clue how she did it
How Roxi eats a tortilla vs how Mila eats one


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