Anniversary Timeline – looking back how we got here

Pre-Marriage Bits

s of today Michelle and I have been married for 5 years – yippee! happy anniversary to us – in the three years we were together before our marriage Michelle was my mistress for a year or so, we left the country a few times, traveled all over the US, had a baby boy, we climbed mountains, hiked trails, I swapped some jobs, Michelle retired and took up writing, we took in a number of roommates, spent a month backpacking Centro America with a 1 year old, fun motorcycle trips around the west coast, we bought some land together, and we got knocked up with a baby girl. – Read, we had some fun before getting married.

Marriage Bits

Being a true romantic, without her knowledge, I sweet talked Michelle into helping me pick out a wedding ring while on walkabout in San Francisco’s China town. Being frugal I shopped around online and found the ring for about half the cost. Being lazy and enjoying creating slightly different memories, to propose, I tossed a ring box at Michelle and said “ let’s do this shit” Heard the “Yes???” gave her a kiss, and went off to play some video games with Trenton.

Water sometimes hates Michelle. We were married in Vegas, where Michelle used to live. The water in Vegas hit Michelle pretty hard and she spent the 24 hours until we exchange vows in our hotel room, bummer. I actually ordered a wheel chair and a few gallons of Gatorade to help her out of the room to the car to get married. Somehow on the drive to the chapel she recovered enough to do the shit.

Post-Marriage Bits

Since getting married the fun and adventure hasn’t slowed down nor has the being knocked up. We’ve had a few more kids since we were wed, and the ones we already had keep growing. The Last one to come out, June of this year, will most likely be our last baby. Michelle said we could keep having kids until 40, but we’re too close for her to recover properly and pop out another one before we hit that milestone. Four is a good number, maybe we will buy more kids if get the itch for more someday. Around the kids, we accidently bought a house we lived in for a few months rebuilt and sold, moved to a Fifth wheel, built a house a house with our own hands, tried to burn down a building, sold the trailer, driven to San Diego and Arizona and back a few times, been to Vegas a few times, you know stuff.

Abridged Timeline of big events since our meeting

We’ve had a super good run so far. Sounds like one of those things you just say, but it’s the truth and stuff, Life continues to improve for us every day. It’s been a fun ride – While we can still remember it I should write down some stuff:

  • End of 2007 Coraleigh and I decided we had enough differences / too many similarities we should end our marriage. It was 100% amicable. We lived together for a bit after we made the call, we stayed married a year or more afterwards to help finish her immigrations, we still chat from time to time.
  • Jan 2008 –Michelle and I met over We had some emails and words and connected a bit, but never hooked up
  • Feb 2008 – I took a trip to Australia for work and emailed more with another gal then I did Michelle, and Michelle hooked up with some looser = ]
  • August 2008 – Michelle and I both happened to be single again, and were online on plenty of fish date shopping around midnight one night. We chatted that night and agreed we needed to get together. Michelle says she was going for a one-night stand me because I lived so far away; Little did she know. A few days later I rode my motorcycle to her place in Graham and changed out of ridding gear into street clothes in the parking lot. Michelle says she watched the whole time wonder “WTF? Is this guy doing stripping in my parking lot”. Michelle took us for a walk on Rustin way along the waterfront, to dinner at red robin, then back to her place
  • Our next date was a week or so later. Michelle came up for a weekend where I cracker her tail bone in a piggyback falling on the stairs incident. I took her for a ride on the motorcycle to Snoqualmie falls, and Costco for hot dogs, and who really knows what else. We had a great time. A few months later Michelle moved in and we’ve shared a home ever since.
  • December of 2010 we had our first kiddo, Maddex – He’s been a fun adventure.
  • November 2011 we took a month off of work and went to Centro America backpacking with Maddex. Maddex turned one in Belize. Microsoft gives you a month off in the 12 months after having a kid, if you had the kid before you worked at Microsoft at not. – I was hired at Microsoft after we had Maddex. Two weeks in I went to boss and said ” SO, I am going to take a month off” – that was fun.
  • July 2012 we flew to Vegas for a weekend to have a marriage ceremony and make our relationship official.
  • 2012 we bought some land in Olalla, and we had Mila – My first princess. I’ve had her name picked out for many many many moons.
  • 2014 we had Khaleesi and moved to Olalla, lived in a fifth wheel and started building a house with our own bare hands
  • 2016 we had Roxi. We’re now living in the house we built with our own bare hands planning to add onto it. It’s great to be done with permitting for a bit.

Sure has been a fun ride, we should keep on doing this shit – and now for a few pictures of us

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