Brittas Bay Beach

TLDR – Michelle said, “I want an adventure” The kids wanted sand. We ended up at Brittas bay beach

Friday night Khaleesi stayed over with Hanna, Mila stayed with Gabi, and Roxi stayed home with Roslyn. We didn’t really have any plans for Saturday, but it was a rare sunny day. Michelle was getting restless by about 1030 and wanted adventure. She gathered the kids from their sleepovers and packed the car for an adventure.

Checking the satellite maps, the closest simple to get to beach with parking appears to be 45 minutes south at Brittas Bay. It’s a couple of miles from Sandy Beach with huge parking lots. It took us about 44 minutes to go 53 kilometers. Costing 50 kilometers of range on the batteries. The parking lot to the gorgeous sandy beach is packed with loads and loads of people cost 4 euros to enter. Showers, Burger trailer, and coffee trailer all hanging out in the park for us sun-seeking weekend warriors.

Crowded beach in that direction

A handful of minutes after we walked to a less crowded area of the beach, setup a towel to sit on, and started to play, the clouds came out and turned the sun off – Good and bad = Less sun cream needed, slightly colder when the kids emerge from the ocean. Kids did not care; great craic on the beach for the day.  Played in the water, dug some holes, covered a hole with a towel and “pranked” each other to sit on it and fall in the hole, walked the dog, enjoyed the beach – brilliant day.

Kids found a shallow warm water pool to play in

On the way home, we ordered some Apache Pizza to meet us at the door and turned on the immersion to make hot water for showers. 110 Kilometers traveled, with AC on, about half traveling at 120kph cost 120 km of range, not too bad; Less and less range anxiety by the day.

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