Converted to Uniform

Over the years I’ve collected what I consider to be an impressive collection of entertaining T-shirts. I’m starting to feel like I spend too much time in the mornings picking out which t-shirt to wear. When you pick a shirt you have to consider when you wore it last, check it to make sure it does not have any stains, or holes or is fading due to age and washing, consider if it matches everything else, decide “do I like this shirt still“, ETC – all of that work was starting to annoy me in the mornings. A short while ago I made up my mind to convert to a uniform and wear the same outfit every day. With Xmass coming up I resigned to wait until xmass and ask for my new uniform as an Xmass gift.

Generally in life I buy whatever I want when I want it as long as it is within budget; making me difficult to shop for. Waiting on my uniform was my gift to the people who purchase xmass gifts for me. The main item I needed to purchase for my uniform was shirts. My uniform shirt goal was something with buttons in the front, enough pockets to be useful, durable, cotton, and well vented to make them wearable in the summer. Xmass is over and I have a nice new collection of Columbia Bonehead Short Sleeve Fishing shirts in limited colour choices. The shirts are extremely comfortable. So far I’m very happy this choice.

For the bottom of the uniform I’m going with simple black union bay cargo shorts purchased from Costco. I usually buy 2-3 identical pairs every year and toss out the older ones. For socks I buy as many identical pairs as I can afford and use them until the supply drops to a low enough level where we toss them all out and replace the lot. Last Xmass we bought about 50 pairs of Adidas ankle socks from Costco. I keep them in a homedepot bucket at the bottom of my closet. All of the socks are the same and never need to be matched. When one dies it does not matter because the loss of one sock does not mean the rest are unusable.

The mission this weekend will be to donate my T-shirt, and old shorts collection to Goodwill and clean out my closest. The Goal when I’m done will be boil the closet down to some odd dress clothing for special events, my new Columba shirts, the uniform shorts, socks in the bucket, underwear in another bucket, work clothes for the property, and some white comfy shirts for around the house. Closet should hold about ¼ of the current stuff. Giving up those things I “might” want to wear someday is going to be hard, but it is going to make my life simpler so I better talk myself into it.

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