Idaho Road Trip 2017 – Part 1

Michelle says “kids have spring break coming up we should go on a road trip” – Awesome, plan it out, surprise me where we are going and let’s do it. Michelle packed the van up Wednesday while I was at work, then 0700 Thursday we took off.

So many things fit in the back of the van!
Kids all loaded up, sausage biscuits in hand and we are off

First Day – 8 hours to Idaho

Destination for the first day is the Arnold house near Boise Idaho. We’re going to stay with Michelle’s Sister and family for a few days at their new house. For the most part we powered through and drove for the day. We stopped a few times to get out and stretch or eat but it was so windy east of the mountains we skipped out on adventure.

Our first food stop was in Cle Elm. We’d planned to stop at burger king for a playland and snack for the kids. Playland was closed for renovations. I walked in with four kids, saw the closed play land, looked the two people behind the counter and said “Sad face no playland. Have a nice day” turned around and walked back out to the car. Across the parking lot is a Safeway; away we walked. Kids picked up some apples, and a few other snacks, and we used the washroom. Then back to driving. I guess we ended up with healther snacks this way, but the kid missed out on playing.

Princess Khaleesi colouring in the back on her new tray

Oregon Stops

We made two pit stops in Oregon. first was for fuel and washroom. Where I bought the kids Ice creame sandwiches to eat, they didn’t even get out of the car. Next stop was a washroom stop in Wetherby. As we were approaching the Weatherby stop we paced, then passed a train. The Exit for the rest stop was next to the train track. I pulled the van alongside the track and we watched the train go by. The wind was blowing so hard the kids didn’t want to get out of the car

Kids watching the train in the wind from the van

I had to put rocks on my small camera tripod to film a time elapse of the train else my camera would have blown away. After we finished watching the train pass we drove under the freeway to the rest area and used the washroom. It was so windy getting out the car Mila freaked out a bit and kept screaming “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” I ended up carrying her and Khaleesi across the parking lot because they could not walk in a straight line in the wind.

Maddex and I explored the rest stop a bit before we all loaded back into the car and powered the rest of the way to the Arnold house.  We found some odd looking castle thing to climb around.  Had the wind not been 40+ mile an hour we would have stayed a bit longer and explored more, but the wind was a major bummer. On the other side of the freeway was a rail tunnel not in use that would be brilliant to hike into – Mutter, wind.

Maddex inside some castle thing – Plaque talks about Rattle Snake Springs

From Watherby we powered the rest of the way to the Arnolds house. Night one we setup sleeping zones, listened to the kids play music and hung out.

Video of the day

More pictures

Roxi and momma 
The fam in the wind


Maddex with a smile?
Camera held down with a rock
Rattle Snake plaque thing in weatherby


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