Maddex to work and a Candy hunt

Today, Saturday, is officially Halloween. On Friday, yesterday, co-works all over campus placed buckets or bags or bowls , or things of candy in the hallway outside of their offices. It’s a thing we do every year in the company so parents can bring their kids around to do the traditional trick or treating hunt for candy in a safe climate controlled place. Friday is a traffic day so Momma did not bring the kids over to partake in the madness. She came over today, Saturday, when traffic was lighter and we took the kids around a few buildings to hunt for left overs. In Kev math one less kid equals a simpler day for momma. Because math and happy wife happy life – Maddex came to work with me. Well happy time with kids is cool too but that was more of a bonus.

Maddex has come to work with me a few times in the past year when I had interviews or meetings outside of my normal hours during traffic hours. I abused him for carpool privileges and created some daddy kiddo time. Sitting in a conference room watching a show on his phone with head phones is a treat to Maddex as we don’t really watch much TV. Plus, the interviews were with people I mostly know so I don’t feel like I broke any rules. During the interviews Maddex did a brilliant job being quiet and not interrupting; basically being a fly on the wall.

Today was no different than the previous days Maddex has visited work. My little man was amazing, and made me one proud pappa. After we settled in for the day he sat for a good hour working on a Lego project before we transitioned to a washroom break. Then he watched a little bit of some video on the YouTube. He watched the laptop for maybe 5 minutes before he was bored and watched back to his Legos. He read for a bit, played with a truck then we took a walk for a bit before his mom arrived. All in all, Maddex was here for about 4 hours and did no disrupt the room at all, or hinder me from performing work.

I’m a pleased proud pappa. My son did well today. Thanks Maddex. – a few pictures of the day:

Maddex hanging out watching his one YouTube video

the minion in the lobby

Maddex’s desk at work right next to mine

Family in a building eating some lunch / dinner before we went on the hunt for candy

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