Roxi – Extraction

Roxi joined our family this week at 13:14 on a Thursday. – Well now that I am finally getting to finish the post it’s been a month; wow time fly’s. She joined the family as a slimy bundle of healthy happy girl at 5 pounds and 14 ounces, 19 inches long. Roxi was momma’s fourth and last C-section. While they were in there taking the baby out they took momma’s tubes out as well; closing down the baby factory. The doctor walked me through the tubal ligation and let me watch; Thanks Doc! Khaleesi and Roxi had the same doctor, and the same doctor cutting momma open and the same doctor feel good preventer from feeling anything. Always good to see the same face when they did great work last time. Even better when they mention reading what they did last time and noting how they are going to do even better this time around.

Some pictures of her first hours

Roxi being extracted

Momma and Pappa before heading into the extraction room

Roxi in the warming bed after coming out

Why early – Antigen thing

Roxi was due around the end of June, but she had a thing and needed to come out early. Mom and I both have the same blood type but this time around Momma and baby had an antigen incompatibility between each other. Baby tested positive for Antigen E antibodies. When the momma does not have the Antigen, and the baby does baby and momma start to treat each other’s blood as foreign invading bodies and attack each other. In our case this meant Michelle had to visit the doctor’s office a few times a week to monitor babies growth and measure kidney size with an ultrasound.

According to testing the Antigen came from me and is normally present in people infected with hepatitis B. According to more testing I do not have hepatitis B. Maybe I did have it sometime in-between Khaleesi and Roxi and dominated it not even noticing being infected, or aliens, or who knows, and who is thankful for not being infected. At some point in during the grown and development of Roxi the benefits of keeping baby in momma are negated by harm of the bloody battle and baby needs to come out. For Roxi the point was 3-4 weeks early. luckily she is our biggest baby maternal growth wise and we didn’t end up with a tiny baby. She came out almost 6 pounds, no more than a pounds less than the other 3 kids.

Hospital stay

Other than the 50,000$ bill, and the first nurse after the surgery who bitched about dealing with possible vomit and ignored Michelle for her entire shift the hospital stay for two nights was not too bad. Michelle was up and moving the same day, the milkers and Roxi got along well, and grandma-p was a big help staying with momma. By the time Roxi and momma came home Roxi was nearly her birth weight already. Visitors were kept to directly family because, this is kid four everyone we know has seen it all already = ] My parents kept the other kids the first night, and I kept them the second night before momma and Roxi came home on day three.

Grandpa-P and Roxi and the other kids meeting Roxi for the first time

Kids chatting with momma and Roxi showing off her lungs

My mom sent me this shot of Grandpa reading to the kids when they stayed over

Coming Home

Coming home was not big deal at all. No one was a bugger and harassed us about touching the baby on the way out, no one harassed us about car seats in the car ETC – It was nice. I showed up in the morning and said paper work, then the paper work happened and we left a bit later. Oddly, annoyingly, there was a 200$ “discharge” change on the medical bill – not sure why we need to pay extra leave, but oh well medical billing is a fucking mess beyond fixing until we take over the world.

Momma and Roxi napping on the couch at home

It’s been a month now – wish we had not had those tubes removed ……….

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