Scooters are Rad

December has been a slow adventure month for the Millfam. We’d planned a weekend in London for Maddex’s birthday; sadly we didn’t make it. One after another everyone in the house ended up sick with the flu. The flu sucked up about a week and a half of the month. The kids were all over it by the night before our London flight. We packed up planning on going. By the time we woke at 4am to head to the airport the sick hit Michelle hard enough we all went back to bed and canceled the trip. There went those non-refundable tickets and hotel nights.

The rest of the month was spent getting ready for xmass and hanging out around home. At work we finally moved into the massive fancy new building. For some annoying reason they have a photo and visitor black out untill February. Maddex and I managed to sneak in before opening day and he took a tour before security asked us to leave. When I brought the family the next week we were turned away at the door by security. That’s when I found out about the visitor blackout. – should go away in a few months.


Getting a driver’s license in Ireland is a bit of a challenge both time wise and cost wise. We doing feel the challenge is worth it, so we’ve decided to go for public transportation or walking as our main means of transportation. It’s a bit over a mile to work, and the same to kids school from home. I run to work most every day because I’m fat, and Michelle and the kids walk to school when they can because the LUAS can be nuts in the mornings. Shortly after arriving in Ireland we picked up scooters for the kids to ride around the neighborhood.

On Thursdays I would pick up Maddex and Mila on their scooters and run home chasing after them on their scooters. On the way to school on some Thursdays I’d ride Maddex’s scooter. While ridding his school I started to think this is not bad, I might need to get me one. Eventually, after some research, I ordered a Globber K1 scooter.  Globber is a french company and they make some amazing adult sized scooters with a kick to fold neck. I’m loving the scooter; it’s a great way to get around here. After getting the fancy scooter for myself I had the problem getting the kids and carrying their scooters on my back.

Maddex’s scooter did not fold well so I had to take it apart to get it in my back pack; annoying. More research and found eventually found a collapsible scooter from Edrenaline that fits well into my pack.  The collapsible scooter was 110 pounds from or 40$ from We ordered it from the states and had it a few weeks later. Maddex loves his folding scooter and it works well in the backpack. Next we need to get Mila a faster folding scooter to strenghten our core scooter posse.

Maddex, Mila and I scooter to school or the store or anywhere we can. A year ago my Eurovan and honda insight were my core transportation tools. While I do miss them when it comes to moving long distances or moving objects. I don’t miss them at all getting around town here in Ireland.  I’m forty years old this year, and riding my scooter around with my kids vs. driving them in a car is one of my joys in life.

Pictures of scooter life

Following the kids to school
kids trying to do a maze with their scooters
My scooter before it got covered in mud rolling by construction sites
Heading to school to pick up the kids




Maddex’s scooter all setup next to mine
Maddex’s folding scooter before setup
That one time Maddex fall on his scooter



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