The Chip Sandwich

TLDR – Ireland is obsessed with Chips. They even have the concept of a Chip Sandwich. Which might be the most Irish food I’ve heard of since moving here.

Overheard at Lunch at work today

In Ireland, we’ve noticed that pretty much every restaurant offers chips on the menu. You can get Chips at Pizza hut, Thai, Pho, Chinese, you name they type of restaurant chances are they have chips on the menu. For lunch today at work I had some Chips and a pile of cabbage. Chatting with a co-worker about my food choice I learned about a new Irish food option. The conversation went like this:

Tony asked me – “were trying to be Irish getting the chips with your veg?
Me – “It’s Ireland you can get chips everything with everything here”
Tony – “Well maybe not with potato wedges, but you can have them on a sandwich. I love a good chip sandwich

Thinking I know of a place with a chip sandwich it turns out the Chipper up the street from us, Romayos, does indeed have a Chip sandwich on their menu. The Chip sandwich being the most Irish food I’ve heard of since arriving here, I guess we’ll need to try one.

Chip Baguette €3.50
chips, mayo, ketchup or kebab sauce

Trying the Chip Sandwich

After I made it home from work and Michelle and Maddex finished playing Mario on the switch we took the kids for a walk to the alligator park up the street. We spent some time playing then headed home. On the walk home, we stopped into Romayos where we ordered some Chips and a Chip sandwich for dinner.  Michelle and I tried it first, then we talked Mila into trying a bite. Mila preferring white food seemed like the logical kid who would like it – We know our princess Mila because she liked it. // Our opinion Meh, it’s ok not horrible and not amazing.

Our Chip Baguette in it’s nice cardboard package
Unwraped covered in Kebab sauce
First bite goes to dad – It’s not horrible, its better then I thought it would be
Next bite goes to Michelle
Her facial expression here sums it up – it’s better then expected.
The Chip sandwich cut up a bit for an internal view

The Irish Chipper – Tiny History blurb

The Irish Chipper is a restaurant that sells fish, chips, kebabs, burgers, pizza, battered sausage and some other things. Shockingly it’s not Irish, the Chipper is actually an Italian construction from the 1880’s. They even have an association dedicated to the Chippers; the ITICA. In the words of the association “The Irish Traditional Italian Chipper Association(ITICA) was formed to celebrate the unique identity of the traditional Italian chippers in Ireland and to mark the contribution we have made to the community.

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