The homeless hotel weekend

TLDR – During forced Homelessness 2022, we tried to spend a weekend at a hotel with a pool, swimming and shopping. Sadly the pool was closed. We shopped, jump zoned, and discovered lice. FML – ADVENTURES!!

Weekend Planning

Due to Shane Dowling of direct law in Skerries, we’re currently homeless and staying with friends. 7 kids and 4 adults in the same house. We’re on a mission to make the experience as tolerable as possible for the Hamilton family who we’re staying with. At the same time trying to maintain our sanity and lessen the impact on the kids. A few months ago, Michelle and Mila spent a shopping weekend at Liffey valley Clayton next to the Liffey Valley mall. They had a brilliant time playing in the pool and shopping. A weekend in a pool sounded brilliant – Who does not love a weekend in a pool? 

Stock Photo from the hotel of the pool we were planning to spend the day in

First issue – All of our swim stuff is packed in storage who knows how deep. Michelle popped over to Carrickmines to buy some stuff, I ordered new swim shorts for myself, Emily volunteered some stuff, lastly, we stopped into a local swim shop for caps. European pools require swim caps, 40€ for 6. All in we’re about 120€ into swim kit preparing for a fun weekend; worth it, solve problems with money! Took the kids out of school early on a Friday and off we went. LUAS into the city center quick stock at Gino’s ice cream before taking a bus to Liffey valley.


We mazed our way through loads of construction, following Mila to the hotel. We booked a “family” room that only allows 4 occupations. Guess the average Irish family is smaller than the MillFam? Michelle and Mila walked to the desk to book our room while the other kids and I explored the hotel. There is a wedding in a few hours at 17:00 we pre-crashed. We explored the wedding and checked out the setup before the guests arrived; Looks swanky. Roxi had it in her head she could sneak in later and join the party.

Room 406, we met at the door to hear from Michelle the pool is closed for maintenance. The pool being 80% of why we are here, I instantly felt defeated. Turned on the TV to watch something while we regroup, and it did not work either. Sound but no picture- I seriously want to say fuck it all and check out now. Michelle wants to attempt to recover the trip and find another hotel. I’ve given up on life, and want none of that. I’m zoning out on my phone, passing iPads out to the kids. I need some time to recover from yet another defeat in our housing adventure.

After recovery, we compromised and headed to the mall. We don’t have rent this month – meaning we have an extra 2800€ to spend without impacting the budget. I’d told the kids they could split the 800€ to save or spend as they please on our weekend adventure. Michelle took the girls to Pennys, Zara, Dunnes, and H&M. Maddex and I walked around the mall. Maddex purchased some legos, fancy pens, and food. The girls purchased several new outfits. Using findmy on the iPhone we meet up at the food court for pizza and kababs.

The shopping sure helped everyone’s mood. Back at the hotel still no working TV. Called down to the front desk asking for help again. Michelle asked them to fix it when we left for the Mall. Waited an hour, walked to the front desk to ask for the third time. Sean came to our room and swapped us out for a larger working tv. We used the Apple TV and Disney plus to watch hocus-pocus 2 before we passed out. What a day.

Fashion and LICE

While we were waiting for the TV to work, the girls put on a fashion show, followed by showers and Nit Picking. Khaleesi ended up with a light-up Xmas jumper and some Sadi Sink outfits. Roxi and Mila both picked up things along their personal styles. Roxi found a Chucky outfit she could wear for Halloween. The girl’s happiness in showing off their loot was great; needed that, need a win.

Oh ya- before bed, we were brushing the girl’s hair looking for Lice. We’ve been fighting lice for a while and do regular nitpicking to make sure. Michelle checked Maddexs hair, and wholly Molly first comb with the lice brush came back with a good 50 nits. WTF?? He’s never complained or itched but the boy is totally infested. He’s getting a number 1 shave tomorrow and the girls are getting twice-daily lice combs. Not only are we invading someone’s house now we’re bringing lice into a house with two girls with seriously thick curly hair.

Lice all gone along with his hair

In the morning, we checked out of the hotel early, around 0900. Walked to the mall for some breakfast and jump zone. The kids had a blast at the jump zone; huge positive to recover the trip a bit. Michelle spent the hour shopping for herself. I stayed at the zone writing this blog post. We had about 5 bags of loot more than we came with – took a cab home vs trying to haul it all on a bus and the LUAS.

A few bonus pictures

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