Turning 30 +10

I’m turning 30 plus 10 this year and I can, oddly, say I’m content and satisfied for the first time in my adult life. The road from kid to here has been fun. I’ve always set bold goals for myself and vigorously worked to run through them. All of the big goals have checks next to them now.

  • No more court; Check – been a few years now but I still have PTSD freakouts from things that set me off.
  • Actually have time with Trenton; Check; He lives with us, and is going to take over our house. It’s nice to finally get to know Trenton.
  • Build own home; Check – Michelle and I have built a bunker on acres of land. It’s been years of building! going to miss building when we move
  • Find Michelle; Check – I married this gal, twice. – worth it both times. We might do it again just for the fun of it. The future is looking bright.
  • Have some great kids; Check – We now have Trenton, Maddex, Mila, Khaleesi, and Roxi. The MillFam6 + Trenton had his first kid, Silas
  • Fuckyou Money; Check – We have achieved a savings level where we could say fuck you buy a castle and never work for anyone else again. Sadly I’m a horder and the thought of touching savings makes me physically ill.
  • A feeling of Happy and safety; Check – Thanks, living in a bunker with a spectacular family for making me feel safe and happy
  • Travels and adventure; Check – we get around and we’re about to move  to Dublin Ireland. One of the goals was “live in europe for a year or so” – This is was actually the last one on the list. August 1, in a few weeks,  It’ll be crossed off the list. Time for a new list I guess.
  • Job I enjoy / love; Check – June marks 6 years in my current role and 8 years total at Microsoft as an FTE with maybe 10 years of having an @microsoft.com email address due to some vending / contract things I did in the middle.

I’ve moved to a place where I’m no longer pushing to hustle to meet new goals anymore. I’m feeling pretty chill where things are; sitting back taking it all in and taking the time enjoying life..

Well – there is – this one goal I have – that will always be on the list. Provide an amazing life and example for Michelle and the kids.


A quick year in Review


My running has been stalled it feels like. I’ve stopped dropping weight, I’m not speeding up anymore, and still some pain. Untill this week; I believe the last leg pain issues are solved Today the ran was 6 miles 55 minutes.


Typically I was doing interval running; 2-4 minutes run, then walk, then run, then walk — For the last few weeks the front outside of my calve has been killing me during runs. Every day I change something to try something new to help. Wednesday I walked the first mile to warm up; Horrible pain. Somewhere between work and home it dawned on me what the problem must be.

uggg,, run harder

I over pronate when I walk. I land on my heel first when I walk much like I used to do with my run. Thursday I decided to run the entire time slow pace. Turns out slow pace for me is like a 9 minute mile? Thursday run was three miles all under 10 minutes and zero font of calve pain. — Now I’m working to modify my walk to avoid landing on my heel first.

Grand kid – Kept my dad

My oldest now has an Oldest, Mr. Silas was born in July after about 26 hours or labor or so. Being a grandpa was not something I was planning for this early, but oh well I guess it;s cool? Silas has an aunt 13 months his senior.

My Dad ended up spending a wee in the hospital start of the year. He was pretty beat up when he went in. After he came out He and mom reset a few things in life and have been taking more time to enjoy life. Sad that dad ended up sick, Happy mom and dad are on a road to work less and enjoy more.


Built a more stuff

Built a shop, a patio, parking zone, some roofs, and other things. We did a great job expanding the compound to pass off to Trenton to take care of while we are out of country

no pattern at all on those patio blocks

Took some Trips

Canada road trip for a week, Vegas just Michelle and I, Utah road trip with the fam, Idaho we ended up here a few times, Oregon they have great grilled cheese, Charlotte work trip for me, Dublin another work trip for me, and a few other nearby places. It was an ok travel yet. Next year is going to be an Epic Travel year !!

somewhere in Idaho



Few more pictures

Making some progress on shop
Michelle did 95% of the patio project. She’s starting here
We picked up a hell sweet Euro Van this year for the family
Maddex and I cranked out a bunch of Lego. This one is the capital building
Roxi figured out how to walk and is turning out to be super adventurous
We spent a pile of time in the swim spa
Michelle and I became obsessed with Boboli pizzas – we’ll miss you when we move
Over all we had a great year goofing around having fun





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