Week One In Dublin

Millfam has been in Dublin for a whole week now,  it sure seems like longer, but it hasn’t been. We’ve been going non stop since we left the USA a week ago and I doubt we’ll slow down anytime soon. Monday tucking Maddex into bed he says ” Dad, it already feels like home here. I’m going to call this Home and the old house I’m going to call it our house.”  It’s Grand how quickly and comfortably the kids have adapted to our new life.

Adjusting to normal life nicely. After breakfast today we came home and worked at the table

It’s Thursday here in Ireland, the first day of my weekend, the start of our seventh day here. We started the weekend walking around the block to Microsoft building 3 for breakfast in the café. 8€ to feed the family; not horrible. Maddex had the most impressive meal out of all of us. He had scrambled eggs with a fried egg on top, and a hard boiled egg on top of that. I emailed Wes to tell him what Maddex ate and he asked if Maddex was training to be Rocky. Michelle says he’s been having scrambled eggs with a fried egg on top all week for breakfast while I’ve been at work.

The Big Differences by numbers

We went from over 3300 square feet of open space in a house filled with toys – a massive yard with a trampoline, play area, pool, patio, covered spaces, trails and woods to play in to an 800 square foot apartment filled with only what fit in our luggage.

In our old life we’d drive in our Euro van to Costco once a week and fill it up with milk, 48 eggs, other foods and such and were set.In Dublin we will not have a car. To obtain food we put on our backpacks walk a ways to the store, buy what we need, load up our packs and carry it home on our backs. After a week of shopping every day it feels like we have a mostly stocked pantry and we have enough around to be able to cook some food.

Honestly it’s kind of nice and relaxing to be in such a small space with out much stuff. There is so much less to take care of, and it gives us more time to focus on each other, and focus adventures.

What we’ve done so far by the pictures


The day after we arrived we spent running around signing up numbers. We Obtained our PPS numbers, opened a bank account, and obtained GNIB numbers.

Took about three hours to wait for our GNIB numbers


I went to work for half of the day to make sure I had building access and work out where I was going to sit and such. After work we went shopping in Dundrum for some food and such, had John over for dinner, then Maddex and I walked into work to pickup a mini display to HDMI cable to connect the surface to the TV.

Shopping, I am a human pack mule


We took kids for a walk to find their school, went to Dundrum to try to find a new back pack, check out Tescos, eat lunch at Mcdonalds, pickup local SIM cards from THREE, purchase some LEAP cards for the Luas, buy the kids jackets – that might be it, who knows it was busy.

Kids in front of the gate to their school


My first official work day. I woke up a bit before 4am, dressed then went for a 5k run around the area before work, figured out the showers, explored campus, found myself a desktop to setup, setup my work area, installed all of the things on my computer, then suited back up and ran home. Michelle wanted a jacket and she found a park near by. We walked to Dunnes bought her a jacket, and picked up some Pizza hut for dinner.  After dinner we walked across the Luas and found a park, Park had a zip line; AWESOME!. After the zip line park we got lost a bit on the way home, eventually made it home and crashed.

Zip line was fun, and the park was empty


Up at 4am again running to work, did some work, explored the building, dumpster diving with Bailey, solved a few cases, stuff. you know it was a good day. Eventually I made it home and Michelle decided she wanted to check out a TK max and an Ikea ship to center a few stops up the Luas. On the return trip from shopping we popped into work and hauled some stuff home from my dumpster diving.

Waiting to get back on the LUAS after checking out the TK Max


Another Early start – starting to become routine waking up at 4am again. This morning there was some Caffine shampoo in the shower in the locker room. Figured, might as well use it – sadly my hair did not stand straight up. After work we went back to Dundrum to check out some charity shops. We miss goodwill already, and there does not seem to be anything remotely like that here.

Khaleesi checking out a tunnel under the street

Wednesday – end of week one

Another early running day. Running in the morning is nice, no one is around anywhere. Great day at work we had an all hands meeting, I had a nice chat with the boss, got to see everyone in the site. It was a late day for me, Michelle had dinner ready for us when I got home, so nice of her. After dinner we went for a walk came home started a movie and off to bed. I passed out early it was a long week; we miss couch bed.

Running to work in the dark

A few more random pictures from the week

Khaleesi running up an inclined moving walkway
No boy peeing in the woods here, nope
They all want to press the button to open the train doors, its a battle
Twin day?
Waiting for the LUAS
Cool bridge at the DunDrum Luas stop
Khaleesi is not fast – I end up carrying her and Roxi often
My girls are cute – and <eye roll> Mcdonalds makes kids happy
Girls ready for more adventure
Girls in a tunnel at a park
View from our bedroom

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