Winter exile – part 4 – Malaga to Marbella

TLDR – last day in Malaga we took the metro to the mega slide park, bought jackets then we packed. Tuesday we rode the Bus to Marbella and unpacked.

The full Batch of trip reports

More planning and booking

Last night Michelle booked us a bus ride to Marbella using, she booked us a place in Marbella using Airbnb, she booked flights to Rome via, and she booked us a place in Rome near the Vatican using Michelle was a busy travel agent for sure. I watched a show while she did all of the hard work. Living in the future she was able to do almost all of the work from her phone.

Shopping and slides and spikes

We left the house shortly after sunrise today, around 0900. We walked up Callie Princesa to the metro stop closest to our flat and took the metro to the end of the line at the Malaga stadium. The metro looks new, it looks massive, it’s clean, well staffed, in a word amazing. The metro also looks deserted and underutilized. We’ve never seen a rush into or out of a stop. Today we road a train with about three other passengers, from the second stop to the last stop the train population never went up.

Same Manufacturer as LUAS, wider track for more room – far fewer people
Nice clean stations

Off the metro it was a quick walk to the Carrefour shopping thing. Reminded us of a super Walmart with everything under one roof plus cell providers and hair and other small shops. We spent 130€ on five jackets, a few pairs of gloves, long shirts, and some food for lunch. Then we walked to the park and started in on the mega slides. Someone left some cardboard on the hill the kids used to slide down the hill and the slides. Every kid made it down the big slide by the time we moved on to the next slides.

Shopping for jackets – Mila ended up with the white jacket, Khaleesi bought a different one
Sliding on cardboard

Maddex went to have a pee under a large bush then ran out screaming. The bush was a palm looking cactus thing with spines on the stem. He must have bumped the stock and drove two spikes deep into his skull. He managed to pull one out on his own. I pulled the next one out with some hair. It was pull slow and move hair out of the way, or get the thing out of his head now and take some hair with it. I went with get it out now. Poor kid was hurting. He snuggled up on moms lap and had a cry for a bit while the blood stopped flowing from the puncture wounds in his skull. He recovered quickly and went back to running around sliding.

Spike on my finger came from Maddexs skull
Example of spikes on the bush he went to pee under

I found him a better bush to pee under at the next slide. Not sure what the girls will do, there are four play areas, some soccer pitches, some tennis courts, and no bathrooms in this place. We walked back home along the beach and found a bathroom there. Roxi and mom walked on the sidewalk with the stroller the other kids and I walked with our feet in the sand and surf. Mila has a dress on and stayed kind of dry, Maddex took his pants off and was in his Minecraft boxers, Khaleesi pulled up her pants to knees and got slightly wet pants.

running on the beach

Back at home, we had a late lunch early dinner eating everything left over in the flat followed by some tv and naps for a few hours before heading back out for parks and kebabs. Michelle and I each bought a 3€ kebab. Sitting at the park the kids ate mine and Roxi had to pee so bad she said she might die. Roxi and I went back and picked up two more kebabs and used the toilet. I got a kebab to actually eat, and she got to sit on the toilet and not go because she was nervous.  After the park, we went back cleaned the flat and packed up

seafood and fried rice lunch

Off to Marbella

We were packed and out the door by 0810 headed for the bus station in the rain. Michelle did a final sweep of the place and copied my technique all week of sweeping the dirt under furniture! We made it to the bus station an hour early. We visited the park we saw from the train station bridge a few days earlier to kill some time before the toilets and bus loading.

waiting on the bus
Ridding on the bus – in her new jacket and a crown

Boarding the bus we were told we’d only booked halfway. As we were the only ones getting on the bus driver said whatever and off we went. By the time we made to Marbella the bus was full. Being cheap, we took the chicken bus, not the direct bus. We had a number of stops and kept adding passengers along the way. At the hospital stop, we paid to ride to the bus driver asked for more money. All I had was a 50 and he did not have change. he took my 50 and said we would settle up at the station.

After sitting back down I remembered that Maddex has some change. Borrowed a few euros from him to pay the rest. Then I explained to maddex how interest works. He asked for a Euro in interest for the loan. Pretty steep for an hour loan,l but who was I to say no after already taking his money. Driving down here on the bus looking out the windows sure does remind me of Mexico. Similar colors and architecture.

Made it to Marbella

Our third floor 3 bedroom flat was about 15 minute downhill walk from the bus station. While we were filling out paperwork and getting the tour the kids picked their rooms and set things up. Maddex and Mila are sharing a room this time, and Khaleesi is in with Roxi. Everyone has their own single bed. Michelle and I get our own bed this time, vs sleeping on a couch bed like we did in Malaga.

Maddex and Mila setup their toys on the shelve and made their beds
Roxi dumped everything out on her bed and Khaleesi filled up the shelves next to her bed

After setting up the house and resting the kids a bit, we took off to the closest park and played the kids for a bit. Maddex said he had to pee so bad, then peed his pants a bit. Had him pinch it off and pee in a bush in the corner of the play park. He and I walked back to the flat for him to change and shower. He says “ I have no clue what happened, I thought now that I was grown up this would never happen again” – kids are cute. After linking back up with the girls we went to the supermarket and picked up some food for the next few days.

First playland in Marbella

Quick Explore run

We unloaded the groceries then went back out for some more exploring. We need to see the beach. Along tonight’s walk, we visited five play parks. Marbella does not disappoint with the play parks the kids are pleased. We found two parks in the sand, and the rest on dry land. This city reminds me of downtown Seattle, so many steep hills. After we walked on the beach and played in the parks we hiked uphill back home. It was starting to get late and colder and I wanted to put my long sleeves on, but figured carrying a kid on my back and hiking uphill I would not need it in short order – I guessed right.

At the last park, we were at Maddex found a big pine cone that looked like a dragon’s egg. Michelle told him he could bring it back with us but only if he brought it in his butt. Maddex tilted his head a bit and said in a slightly higher voice ” In my butt? ” – I laughed for a good minute on this response. Best laugh I have had in a while.

Pinecone, looks like a dragon egg

Made the kid’s pasta with red sauce, cherry tomatoes, and olives on top arranged in the shape of smiley faces. They ate everything and asked for more. We did not have any more but we did have ice cream for them. They were ok with the substitution.

View of the sunset from our balcony

The rest of the Pictures

Maddex said “I kind of like it but think I’ll pass”



Roxi had no problems climbing up to the slides
Bush that Maddex tried to pee under
one of the holes in his head




Oh snap, I found a water melon lollie
Maddex’s Pokemon display above his head
Bottom two shelves are Maddex and Mila moving into their room
Who needs concrete when you can use marble and stone
Found a play land in the sand
Walking out to put our feet in the water
Baby I took you to a beach again, remember how your match profile said walks on the beach – kev, like the north, remembers
Pasta with smiley faces on them
Pano view from our balcony
smaller pano


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