Covid-19 Lockdown 2020 – Part 3

TLDR – Working out life in the new normal. Video play dates

Mila and Gabi

Mila has been missing her BFF Gabi like crazy. She started asking to have a call with her last week. I texted with Gabi’s mom over the weekend and worked out a video call for them today at 13:00. Mila and Gabi chatted and played together over video call like they were in the same room; great to see. They coloured for a while, had show and tell, then played hide and Guess. They would hide the phone somewhere and the other would try to guess where the phone was. – 2 hours later they had to end the call because my phone battery died. Tomorrow they plan on repeating the call.

Mila and Gabi colouring – I put the phone on a tripod for hands-free operation
More colouring

Maddex Cullen and Cian


Figured, if Mila was chatting with her friend Maddex might like to do the same thing with his buddies.  He plays Fortnight with Cullen every day where they can talk but has not seen Cullen or seen and talked to Cian in weeks. Cian’s mother set up a zoom meeting for the boys today. They spent a good hour video chatting and texting back and forth on the zoom. It was great sneaking in and seeing them connecting. – Doing the best we can to adapt to the new normal and keep connections to friends and family alive.

Maddex on his chat in my office with full studio setup


Our victory garden is coming along nicely. The watermelon, tomatoes, and some carrots have sprouted already. Hope our next order of outdoor gardening kit arrives before everything is ready to be planted


Not being able to visit playgrounds is a major bummer. The kids are super adaptable and creative –  Khaleesi made a playground in the window for her dolls to play in. Mom rebuilt the sandbox area for them to play. Remember to put the lids on now because we have 2 cats.


Michelle set up a tarp under the sandboxes hoping to catch the sand the kids knock out of the boxes

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