Donated Khaleesi to Science

TLDR || We took Khaleesi to be used in a research project at UW then visited the Slides and Hello Kitty at the EMP — For more details browse the pictures and words below and or view the image stream from my narrative clip to follow our adventure.

Donating the kids to Science

When we had Maddex and Mila the hospital offered to sign our kids up for medical research. Of course we signed our kids up. We took Maddex to a number of studies and Mila to few. We added Khaleesi to the same bucket to be used in the name of Science when she was born. We woke up this morning and drove to the University of Washington’s Center for Child and Family Well-being facility on Brooklyn ave. and let some undergrads study our daughter. Yeah Science.

Today Khaleesi was involved in two studies. One where they were gauging her reaction to images on a screen and another where they were trying to tell if she had a preference to give to those with less or those with more. Michelle was blindfolded for the second study so Khaleesi did not look at mom and try to find queues about what to do. I hung out in the lobby with the kids and we put together a puzzle. Michelle got to do all of the work and chat with the researchers.

Slides Before EMP

When we went to Hump last year with the PhilFam we walked around the Seattle Center for a bit before the show and discovered a few things. One, there’s a big slide play land in front of the EMP and two, the EMP has a hello kitty exhibit. We had the slide and kitty’s on the list of places to take the kids since. From the UW we drove over the Draw bridge in Fremont and parked near the Seattle Center. Bonus for the kids the draw bridge was open when we turned left onto the approach. They sure appreciated seeing the bridge lower before we drive over it. Maddex said it was cool but not as cool as a castle draw bridges which are way more awesome. The kids had a blast climbing the rope thing and going down the slide.

Mila got a bit scared and was stuck at the top of the rope ladder for the slide. Dad climbed up the outside of the chute thing and helped her up. Then he slide a rope back to the ground. Maddex tried a few approaches to make it to the top where the slides entry was, and had some issues. The toy was crowded with a class making him nervous. Eventually he made it up the ladder and conquered his fear. Khaleesi hung around mom and went for a swing. The second time Mila went up the chute ladder thing I went up after her and was forced to take the slide down.

Hello Kitty at the EMP

The EMP is heavily discounted via the Microsoft Prime card employees get, and Mila is into Hello Kitty; Expense approved. We took the whole family through the Museum for less than the cost of breakfast at McDonalds. Hello Kitty, science fiction authors, movies props, and some D&D all in the same building; odd combo, but fun. I think the kids enjoyed the science fiction museum more than the hello kitty exhibits. More lights and shiny objects for Sci-Fi stuff, then there are in the Hello Kitty exhibit filled with things they cannot touch. The D&D area had a dragon and tunnels the kids enjoyed walked through. Momma and I got a kick out of the princess bridge costumes.

A few more pictures

Mila in front of some odd Kitty thing?

Mila climbing onto one of the slides


Momma working on costume ideas

Maddex playing Mario


Post composed while the rest of the family naps and rests. Khaleesi is out in her crib, I can hear momma snoring, I see Mila sucking her thumb and hear Maddex flopping around while watching rescue bots

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