States Holiday 2023 – P1

TLDR – Traveling to the States for 42 days on holiday – The first 24 hours getting there hurt, even drew blood at one point. We made it – I guess we ended up with a good story?

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Pre-Trip Drama

Two days prior to departure, Michelle was trying to check us in, and the Air Lingus site crashed after entering all of the passport data for six humans. The day prior, web site up and working again, Michelle was able to check everyone in, minus Khaleesi. A few hours later, the same day, Michelle and I spent an hour plus looking for our rental car booking. Could not find it in any mailbox. Ended up with a second booking figure better safe than sorry.

DUB and the Flight

Day of, we made it to the airport four hours early, and still nearly missed the flight. The queue for check-in took over 2 hours, zigging back and forth in front of the Air Lingus check-in desk. Checking in, we tried to ask to work out why Khaleesi was broken. The gal helping us did not say. She did leave us for about 20 minutes to sort things out. She seemed stressed and busy, so we did not push for an answer. Sadly, She was unable to seat us together. Told us the flight crew would fix it.

Halfway through the queue can see the front desk now

On the flight the crew was unable to fix it either, Travis and Kevin seemed to work on it but came up with nothing. I’m in the middle 4 seats, row 17, with Khaleesi beside me. Behind me are Roxi, Mila, and Maddex. Michelle started all the way in the last row, seat 43g. She made it to 32A, a window seat where she sat trapped next to someone she didn’t want to crawl over for the rest of the flight. .

Dad and kid section of the plane no mom in site

The plane is laid out 2/4/2 – 2 seats to the sides, four seats in the middle. In the middle rows and the left side row, none of the screens are working. Only the right side of the plane has working screens. After takeoff, the flight crew rebooted the system, saving the day, and were able to make all of the screens on the plane work. The kids were amazing on the flight. Little to no more drama and they were able to do things without much dad help. The kids watched shows, listened to books, tried to sleep, ate, and bathroomed a few times.

Made it to SEA

We landed nearly ontime to find another plane hogging our parking slot. We parked on the runway for over 30 minutes waiting for our slot. Finally, the plane parked, and we deplaned. Took another 10 minutes for Michelle to make it off of the plane; to finally be reunited with the rest of us; Happy days. We’re parked at gate S11. In Seattle, the S gates are satellite gates connected to the main terminal via tram. – This means we crammed into a tiny tram smashed into other people; bonus, it took extra long for our luggage to make it to baggage claim having to also make an extra long journey from plane to the terminal.

Wes time !!!

The extra wait time for luggage is not too bad we have Wes to catch with, and it gives the drugs Michelle took time to kick in and help her with the headache she suffered through for most of the plane flight. Poor wife is on the floor kneeling with her head on a backpack in pain. Come on travel day!!

poor mom with a migraine waiting for luggage

Rental car Drama

About an hour before landing, Michelle and I both seemed to have the same realization – we don’t have a valid credit card with us – We have a pile of new cards at my parent’s house to replace the ones that expired last year. Wes is a collector of credit cards and offered to help; we should be grand. Nope, we were not grand. Cannot rent a car without a matching Credit card and License. Wes does not have a license with him; we do not have a credit card.

Enter more wait time, and Trenton saving the day. Trenton drove from his house to my parent’s house, picked up our Credit cards then spent the next hour driving them to us at the airport. The kids sat and played with Wes, Ipaded and naped. We can do this – it’s only like 2 hours. Richard, the guy at Sixt was a legend. A true gentleman with a calming personality. He rented our car after Trenton arrived with Cards and snacks. The first time all five KevKids have been together in nearly 5 years.

First time all 5 kids have been together in about five years
Trenton was super excited to show off his superman shirt

We’re finally in a White Toyota van ready to go — NOPE — turns out we loaded into the wrong van and had to switch vans. As we were about to leave, Maddex says he cannot find his phone, and his headphones have gone disconnected. Enter the women who we swapped vans with holding Maddex’s phone he left in the other van – FUCK!! come on universe..

Finally, the drive to a bed – only had a few “ I am driving on the wrong side of the road” moments. Made it; the gate is open this time, and the door is unlocked, accepting us into the house. The travel day is not finished with us yet. On the first step out of the car, I stepped on a nail; my foot is now bleeding all over the place. Whatever, let’s tuck in the kids and try to sleep. – It’s now 0430 am. I’ve been up writing this for a few hours, and the kids are all still in bed sleeping. – Tomorrow / today will be a better day.

Nail I stepped on
Hole in my foot

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The rest of the pictures getting here

Maddex passed out waiting for the car
Trying to get blind pictures of the kids sitting behind me
All packed up waiting for the taxi to the airport
more waiting at the rental lot
Mila showing off Carie’s present to wes
home office setup to start work
Waiting in DUB in the long long long queue
Trying to get a selfie with maddex before we left

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