Dublin Randoms – Four

TLDR – Ice creme on the face, some tree growth, pictures of the kids at same height, war wounds and a spinning thing

Ice Creme Social

We generally have a treat like ice cream, or ice lollies, or popcorn and watch a show before the bedtime tuck-in routine. On this night we chocolate covered ice cream cones for our Social. Roxi turned to me covered in chocolate looking like she had goth lipstick on. I took a picture of her, then the other girls escalated.

Goth lip stick
not on purpose at all, this is just normal eating
Mila wanted to take a picture so she added some chocolate to her face
Mila and her creepy girl watching your face covered in chocolate

Odd thing on a tree

No clue what this thing on a leaf is, but I am on a mission to work out what it is. I saw this last year when I was here and believe I looked it up then? Not sure. I should go look. Looked, and only found a mention of them from last year.


Tis But a Flesh Wound

Maddex was playing football with a few kids in the grass next to the house and tripped over something resulting in a fall on the pavement. He was playing the grass, but could not hit the grass he had to hit the pavement. – nice bit of a flesh wound


Running home from work last week I taped my apple watch on a wall. Tiny chip and one hairline crack in the screen. The touchscreen stopped working below the crack, so I had to get a new one. Life without an apple watch means losing my phone 5 times a day and never being able to find it. I wear a 400$ apple watch mostly for the find my phone button.

Crack is right above the light reflection

Making the kids the same size

Went for a walk to a kids play area the other night and found some stepping things progressively increasing in height. It struck me that if the kids stood on them in order they might almost be the same height. The following pictures are the result of attempting to have the kids look at the camera and stand still







Around work

The green guy fell over. He did not stop spinning, but he slowly over the course of a week moved from the center to the outside of the levitation platform and fell off. He made it 7 days spinning without outside acceleration. No friction = not slowing down very fast.


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