Mila vs. Trampoline Round 1

TLDR – About a week after setting up a trampoline in the back garden the first injury happened. MIla twisted her knee, ended up in a brace on crutches for a bit.

Setting up the Trampoline

After Maddex, Khaleesi, and I spent a few nights in Blessington and played on a trampoline a few months ago, Michelle and I ordered a trampoline for the back garden. Being the summer of covid we were not the only ones ordering anything we could to entertain kids at home. Trampolines were back-ordered for a few months. Fast forward from June to August and our trampoline arrived on a rainy day. Mila was the most excited of the kids and kept pushing to put it together in the dry spells between the rain. Took us 3 dry spells to finish the assembly.

This thing is bigger then we expected

Laying out the circle frame of the trampoline Michelle and I were a bit shocked at what we had ordered. We did not measure anything we just picked one and bought it. Turns out the trampoline is much larger than we thought. It takes up most of the back garden. Oh well, Bigger is better as long as it fits I guess? The trampoline has already paid for itself in kid entertainment. Kids are out there every day it’s dry out playing and screaming – poor neighbors. – Maddex did say one morning “We should wait until after 0900 to jump, don’t want to annoy the neighbors” – not that poor the kids are trying I guess?

All put together time to play

Sad Knee

Fast forward another week or so to the day MIla was hurt. We were supposed to be staying overnight in Roundwood but the cargo bike broke, and we had to turn around home. The kids were out on the trampoline jumping when I heard Mila scream and ask everyone to stop. Crying a bit she said “I am really hurt, this hurts, please stop” – Figuring she was hurt for real I ran out to check on her. Mila was holder her knee with her leg bent. She was crying saying this was real pain so I carried her inside and laid her down on the couch. We put some ice on her knee, gave her some Ibuprofen, and hoped the pain would go away.

An hour later the pain is not going away and we are getting closer to the time when VHI will close for the night, it’s almost 2000 and they close at 2100. Being a knee injury there is not much we can see without an X-ray or MRI. We made the call, I picked up Mila and was going to carry her to the LUAS and take her to A&E. At the end of the driveway she was not doing well. I knocked on the neighbor’s door and asked their Daughter Holly for a ride. Holly was more than willing to give us a ride. It’s only about 8 minutes in a car. – Thanks Holly you saved the day!

They gave us a wheel chair at check in to move Mile around in

Mila was amazing at VHI. She powered through the pain, bent her leg a bit, and did not complain at all to the doctor making her move and poking at her. The Doctor took Mila in for an X-ray which showed nothing was broken or torn. The doctor figures she stretched a ligament which caused the pain. He gave her a brace and crutches before sending us on our way. We were back at the Front Desk around 2102 only 2 minutes after they close. – The Nurse told me they close the doors and no one can come in at 2100 they don’t close the shop until 2200.

Crutches and braced up

Before leaving we booked a follow-up visit with a specialist next Thursday; a week out. Total bill 25e. The Specialist will be 65e. The nurse made a big deal about it like it was a lot of money, I told her we’re American anything less than 10,000$ is cheap. While we were at the doctor the neighbors came over and told Michelle they would more than happy to pick us up. Mila was feeling better by now and wanted to try out the crutches. I carried her down 3 flights of stairs to the LUAS stop. A short 3-minute wait for the LUAS to take us home.

Feeling much better on the train hom

Walking by the neighbor’s house Mila noticed Holly and her mom in the front room with a window open and Yelled in ” I am ok ! thanks for the ride” – then giggled a bit. Mila is not the quietest child for sure. A few days later and Mila is moving around well with and without her crutches. Her biggest concern is being able to go to the airport on the 16th to pick up Wes and Carie. I told her she would not able to go if she cannot walk.

Bonus pictures


Looks like it will fit


Wheeling out with her crutches

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