Fancy water at work

Microsoft Ireland is lacking the unlimited cans of soda Microsoft US offers employees. While I miss my blue soda, and coke zero, not having unlimited soda at hand has led me to some healthier drinking; more water. Instead of soda in cans we have a small fountain drink thing with five options in the cafe. One those five options being the Fanta I do so enjoy.  Other drinking option is fancy water flavoured with fruit.

The fruit options changed daily and water jug things magically fill from above via a pressure switch or some other form of sorcery. I don’t think they change the fruit out daily meaning the flavour diminishes as the day progresses, but it is still there.

Microsoft Ireland drinking options







Microsoft US drinking options


20171110_004341 (1).jpg

20171110_004354 (1).jpg

20171110_004406 (1).jpg

20171110_004417 (1).jpg





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