We took the kids to Mile hill gymnastics for an intro gymnastics class. Mile hill seems to have given on a webpage and focused their online presence efforts towards Facebook. Both Maddex and Mila had fun, but we decided Maddex would have more fun at gymnastics and Mila would have more fun in a dance class. We have rings and some mats at home in the living room the kids have been playing on for months, so they have some experience, but Maddex really shined in class. Check out his pullup domination below.

We signed Maddex up for a Wednesday class every week starting next week. Momma is on a mission to locate a dance class in the same time window now. After the first class the kids both came home and setup an obstacle course mirroring part of their class in the living room with the mats we have. Maddex tried to make a spring board out of the mats but it did not work how he’d hope it would. From the looks of amazon, a bar and a spring board are about the same cost. I’m thinking we’ll end up with a bar before we get a spring board.

Some Pictures

Khaleesi had a great time sitting on our laps watching her siblings and hanging out with momma and dad.

Maddex off to class – and a shot of the gym

Shot of our home gym setup as it sat on the day of class. Since then we’ve added some more mats

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