Unwanted Driveway dude – G Francisco’s

Mr. Gaspar Francisco, of
619 Bellevue ave Shelton, wa 98584, stopped by the driveways of everyone on our road today. He dropped off a business card in a bag with some rocks in it. I’m all for the small businesses trying to advertise on the cheap, but tossing things into my yard is not the correct method to obtain positive attention from me.

Mr. Francisco’s offers all season landscaping, yard maintenance, and garden care. He can be reached at (360) 485-9493 – Which appears to ring a Sprint Cell phone number based on the DID ownership. According to Angie’s list he’s been in business for 16 years, and on Angie’s list for 4 years. – was too lazy to login and check reviews.

According to Washington state Labor and Industries website Francisco has owned a landscaping company and a construction company in the past but neither of them have current active license. His name belongs to company in port orchard called Amigos Landscaping but the number does not match so not thinking same dude.

The house he livesin in Shelton is owned by Stephane Boysen. He drives a Blue Dodge pickup with license plate number is C50951C – and that concludes the time I have to stalk a business I’ll never patron. Glad he only stopped at the end of the drive, and did not drive all the way down.

Here we have Gaspar Francisco stopping in my driveway

Here we have Gaspar Francisco talking on the phone about to toss rubbish in my driveway

Here we have Gaspar Francisco tossing his card in a baggie, rubbish, in my driveway

One more shot of the rubbish passing the bumper of his truck with a clear shot of the plate number


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