Her name is Mila and she Broke her Collar Bone

TLDR – Mila asked Dad to help her learn backflips on the trampoline. Mila ended up with a broken collarbone, Dad ended up with Guilt, Mom ended up with a busted kid to care for.

Breaking the Bone

Mila’s been asking me to help her learn backflips for a while now – Random Friday, we gave it a go on the trampoline. A few attempts with me spinning her backward went ok. Last try, I did not put my arm under her back and twisted her from her feet. She did not make a full rotation, landing on her head and SANP. Mila was in pain, screaming and crying. The neighbors even asked what happened.  Mom came out to help her off into the house. Back in 2019, Khaleesi broke her collarbone, and it took us a few days before taking her to emergency. Having learned from our mistakes, Michelle put Mila in Khaleesi’s old sling and took her straight away for an x-ray.

Mila is loaded into the van in a sling, holding the ouch area
Picture of the crack in the bone

An X-ray confirmed Mila had a broken collarbone. Six weeks or so to heal and the first week on the couch in a sling. Mila is our cleanest kid; showers every night. The pain’s been a bit much for her to shower; she’s been sleeping, laying on her back, relaxing, and healing – it’s showing in her hair. All in Mila’s been impressive dealing with healing, the pain, and avoiding moving.  She’s managed to guilt Dad into doing a few things for her reminding him what happened: “Dad, look what you did to me.”  – Mom’s the one who done the most work. Taking care of a kid with one arm in pain is nearly a full-time job. – Thanks, babe, for doing so much for Mila.

Bonus pictures

Acting like her arm in a sling is no nothing
Penny waiting for Mila to get into bed so she can take care of her
Penny protecting Mila on the couch
Maddex trying to support Mila with his hair

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