Work Photo Contest

On the Microsoft Redmond, the walls are covered with art from Microsoft’s massive art collection. In Microsoft Dublin, we’ve been in a new building for less than a year and the walls are, other than 80+ LCD TVs showing company news, mostly bare of art. All that changed over the last week. A bunch of pictures printed on canvas have shown up on the walls around the building. The pictures come from employee submissions to a Dublin site photography contest. The art in Redmond is pretty spectacular, but knowing these images all came from co-workers makes me smile a bit inside.

Before we get to everyone else’s pictures, below are a few I snapped a week or so ago of the sunrise with some amazing colours. I took these pictures outside on the fourth-floor terrace. They represent the view I had looking left from my desk at work without the window adding reflection.


20180917_055206081_iOS (2).jpg

Looks like my camera was set to dramatic warm before taking the pictures of the pictures so all they look a little dramatic and warm, but you still get the idea. Below are a sampling of some of the photo contest winners on the walls where I work.







Another bit of art I enjoy is a large poster on the wall that’s been here since we moved in.


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