Maddex Kayak – Adventure

Maddex and I went out Kayaking today. The adventure started with Maddex finding our life jackets, then he and momma packed us up a snack of nuts and cheese. We kissed the girl’s good bye and we loaded the new two seater kayak up on the trailer before driving down to Al’s in Olalla.

Maddex was super excited for the adventure; We’ve been wanting to go for a few weeks now but weather has not cooperated. Today we hit 80 degrees in April and it almost too warm to venture out on the water, but we sun screened up and wore shades.  Last time we hit 80 in April it was 1982 – screw you global warming I prefer 52 in April.

Pictures from the adventure

Maddex about to help me remove the kayak from the lumber rack

Maddex surprised me – he was able to row in time with me, and move the boat at an ok pace on his own

Our first stop to check out a land slide

Maddex, Daddie selfie

Dad, lets get back in the water I’d ready to go!!!

What a studley kid he’s turning out to be wearing his sister’s shades

He made it almost all the way out to the end of this tree about 15 feet up in the air over the water.

Maddex walking out on another tree

He made up to the top of his shorts before getting cold and coming back in

Headed in after a successful adventure.

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