Random Family update April 2016

In today’s installment of a block of time in the life of the MillFam captured for us to look back on, we find our heroes doing things. Maddex and Mila are both enjoying their classes. Dance for Mila and gymnastics for Maddex. Khaleesi is up to a good 20 or 30 words and is starting to repeat other words. Mine and Hi dad are popular words. Momma is selling Legos like crazy and still having a rough time being knocked up; two months to go. I’ve been moving dirt around and having a rough time sleeping and taking the kids in the hot tub most every morning we don’t have to leave early.

Some pictures of the last few weeks.

We spent some time one morning taking selfies on the couch – one of the better ones before we swapped to videos

While older kids were at school we took K to Costco. She sure looked cute with her hands in her pockets.

Kids plan days with the things they love; Hot tub, tea party, play battle ship, then ice cream social. They both requested truffles and cookies for the tea party. I added in gold fish and trail mix.

Video captures of the kids in their classes – they are both loving it.

Michelle took Maddex on a field trip to a farm in Silverdale and the girls went to Grandparents Millers.

Any leftover cardboard we have turns into a painting canvas for the kids. Michelle is a wonderfully creative mother.

We skype around 19:20 at night when I’m at work and a customer is not on fire. Screen shot from phone

We’ve gotten back into walking now that it’s warmer. Kids have been asking to go walks, which is awesome.

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