Maddex to Work Day

Work is moving my team from building 30 to Bravern in down town Bellevue end of July. We’re moving out of our three buildings, which will be gutted to the concrete and rebuilt based on open office concepts where work spaces are made up of isolated neighborhoods with 3-16 people in them. I’ve been in a few buildings reworked around this design and they look pretty and seem like nice places to work. We shall see. Can’t be all bad we’re getting 2 tree houses in between the buildings as a common outdoor space. Tree houses are cool in my book.

In building 30 I currently work in a shared space and have an office I never go into. I like my team and the shared space, so my office is used for couch and stuff storage. Other people on the teams use their offices for work I guess? In Bravern we’ll be in a shared space with no offices. We get out own floor for the most part. No more office space means the stuff in my office needs to come home. My plan was to hook up the trailer, take the girls to Michelle’s parents house, take Maddex to work with me for half the day and bring my stuff home. The kids were super excited about the adventure. Fast forward to Friday chatting with my boss, he is planning on moving my couch to Bravern and using it in the common space. Don’t need to trailer and bring couch home anymore, but kids are excited. so we’re still doing the day.

Drive to work

We left the house around 9am after breakfast and dropped Mila and Khaleesi off at Gpa and Gma Petersons house for the day. On the drive over the kids in the car and I’m all excited for the carpool lane. Saturdays are typically the worst commute day of the week for me. Generally, it takes me about 20-30 minutes longer commuting. On the way to Drop off the girls we did not drop below 55mph. Normally merging from 16 to 5 takes about 10 minutes at 3MPH, not today, no traffic at all.

After we dropped off the girls Maddex and I stopped at Fry’s in Renton. Normally 405 is a slow crawl to work. Again, I’m looking forward to the carpool lane. Nope. 405 was flying today; mutter. Maddex and I walked about the store looking for stuff he might like. After wondering all about we picked up some Lego and robotics projects to entertain him at the office.

Working for a living

My normal work routine on the weekend starts with a run. I wanted to give Maddex the full work experience. Don’t think he can keep up running, so we went for a walk on trails around work instead. He loved the ponds, and the elevated board walk, but was totally freaked out be the sasquatch crossing signs. He does not know what a sasquatch is, but he does not want to get us? We ended up cutting the walk short and exploring a few buildings to look for treasures. Maddex was impressive noticing things in the halls and people’s office he found interesting. He noticed a bunch of Legos, toys, crystals, and other things in people’s offices we stopped to look at. We don’t walk slow and him picking those items out as we walked by was impressive to me.

After our walk and building exploration we hit the lockers to shower and dress for work. In the office we setup a table next to me for Maddex to Lego and build at. For the better part of about 6 hours he was mostly calm and quite. We had plenty of breaks, but he was still impressive. We took off for a bit to pick up some Taco Bell for the team, to pack up my office and move it to the car, walked next door for some magic soda, took washroom breaks, tossed bouncy balls in the atrium, and walked about the building a bit. Maddex finished one and a half ninjago sets, and drank all kinds of things. Around 6 he was starting to bore and turn tired and I was not finished working yet, so he watched one episode of Voltron on Netflix then we took off.

Pickup and home

Drive home we listened to a book for a bit then Maddex and I talked about the day and what he wanted to do next in the lab. Girls had a great time with grandparents and didn’t want to leave. They went to spray park and played all day long. I’d expected everyone to pass out on the way home but they all managed to stay away to see momma before bed. Great work day with Maddex, girls had fun with grandparents, and Momma had a relaxing quite day. – everyone one won.

Some pictures

Maddex checking out one of the ponds on the walking trail

Dad and Maddex on our walk

Wooden path on the trail. Maddex noticed and asked me about the lights in the rails. He does not miss much.

Maddex getting dressed in the locker room after our showers. He keeps growing


Working on his first set

Maddex in front of the Channel 9 robot we found in building 9.

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