Radar Sentry Alarm

Last month I came upon a “Vintage Radar Systems Radar Sentry Alarm Japan” on the goodwill auction site. Trying to work out what it was left more questions then answers. I’m paid in gold bars, so I spent the 14.99$ to buy the radar figuring it would be fun for Maddex and I play with in the lab. The auction ended and Michelle picked up the Radar while I was in Dublin.

Tonight the opportunity to inspect the toy finally presented itself. After going over the directions and inspecting the hardware it looks like we ended up with the manuals, keys, control station and the siren for a model SS 303 Radar.


What did I buy ?

What I ended up with is a Radar Systems Manufacturing Corp. Radar Sentry Alarm model SS-303. The SS 303 appears to come with 2 sensors and an auto dialer to notify remote monitoring. Sadly the sensors and dialer were missing from my kit. The Radar Sentry is basically a room based motion sensor. It has an advertised 36′ radius where it will detect motion and set off the siren and dialer if there is any motion.  Massive device compared to devices we have now for alarms.

Control unit and siren

According to the manual this is their “new solid state” model that replaces the tube based model before. No tube boards to play with with the kit we received. The manual hints of an option to add a tube based siren delay, but I don’t have that option in my kit. The other nice bit in the box was the keys to the case and control box, plus some swanky warning stickers.

Siren and warning Sticker

Based on the hardware we did have all we were able to test was the Siren. Which worked perfectly. For the siren alone the radar was worth the 14.99. I’m going to remove the siren from the box and mount it in the house on a ubiquiti controlled switch I can turn on and off with my phone and or with Blue Iris. It is going to be glorious. The Siren is 110 volts at 2amps according to the documentation and puts out 100DB

Lets test it in the shed with the kids! – and get it on video in case it lights on fire


Some more pictures

The kids all dressed up while we were testing the radar
The guts of the control unit
Picture in the manual explaining what it does

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