Malahide Sunday

TLDR- We took the LUAS to the city center, walked to the DART. Took the DART to the end @ Malahide then walked around the castle – John and Brad came along with us.

Off we go

Friday Brad came home from work and asked to visit Malahide castle sometime over the weekend. Saturday Ikea was scheduled to deliver stuff between 10-1800, so we decided to go Sunday. We were out the door towards the LUAS at about 0900 Sunday morning. We made it to the train with about four minutes to wait. We took the LUAS to Stephens green and walked down a nearly empty Grafton street towards Tara DART station

Ridding on the LUAS heading into town
Getting off at Stephens Green

Brad required a donut, which the kids then also required once they heard the possibility. To please the great and mighty Brad we stopped at Offbeat donuts where we picked up a 6 pack plus a 3 pack of donuts. The girls all picked out unicorn donuts, Maddex and Brad had Oreo donuts with Oreo cream filling, Michelle went with a s’mores donut, John chose a Boston cream pie, and I had caramel covered donut.

From the donut shop, we walked to Tara station for the DART to Malahide. The donuts lasted about two stops on the DART.

Unicorn Donuts on the Dart
Typical Michelle eating scene.

Malahide park and castle

We got off the train and waited with a large herd of people somewhat lined up to tap off and exit the train station. When we finally made it out we followed the same herd into the castle park. Walking away from the train, It felt like everyone on the train was headed to the castle along with some other people from around the town. We were near the rear of the herd and trying to pass everyone was not worth it. Right at the entrance to the park is a map of the park.


We stopped at the map to allow the herd time to dissipate and move ahead. Plus we love checking out maps to get a lay of the land. We found a playground area in the park; score; happy days. Adventuring with kids the playground is the logical first stop on our tour.  Approaching the park it looked like it was just some lame swings. When we finally made to the park and could take it all in we were impressed with the majesty. Dual Zip lines, massive metal slides coming out of a castle on a hill, climbing tree thing, little kids zone with sand and smaller toys. The kids were in heaven.

Dad look over there – there is a small kids area
Check out this monster slide

Brad is shocked at how many ways the kids could injure or kill themselves in the park. The trampoline thing is in a steel sided hole where your ankles could strike the edge at any moment. The slides are about three stories high with limited railings, the Zip lines are unsupervised. – I sure do love bringing kids up in Ireland letting them roam free without being out of the ordinary.

Outside of the park, we’re walking through a cool forest towards the castle. Off the side of the path is one of those work out areas we find all over. We all had a try to bench press our body weight and use the pelvic thrusting thing. Michelle lifted herself a good 4 times with arms shaking; Good work hot momma.  After the weights, we found a log-rolling run across thing the kids tried. Us adults were smart enough to avoid it.

Michelle lifting herself up – some where is video of this
She did it !!!
Maddex in the woods
Mila on the log roller

Finally, we made it to the castle, just in time for everyone to break down needing to pee. Lucky for us the visitors center had free to use washrooms we made use of. We went straight away towards the castle and walked around it exploring what we could from the outside. Brad and John were interested in taking the tour, so they walked back to the visitors center to purchase tickets. Michelle and I took a break watching the kids run around a huge lawn playing hide and seek.

Millfam in front of one of the castle doors
Looking up at the castle
Grassy lawn in front of the castle

Brad and John returned without tickets for the tour. Was not cheap and it was guided only. They did not have an interest in a guided tour. We walked around the park a bit more then headed into town for some food. We stopped at a Tesco express and picked up random stuff to eat. Brad and John picked up some Randoms then stopped at Beshoff bros fish chip and bought some scampy. – In my mind, they are the best Fish and Chip chain we have in Ireland.

Waiting at the DART station in Malahide to head back into the city

We walked with food to the train station and ate food while waiting for the train home. Walking between Tara station and the LUAS we stopped in at a whisky shop for momma to pick up some butter scotch something or other. While waiting in front of the shop some girl from noticed Khaleesi and said hi. Told her mom she knew her. Her mom told her we lived far away from here and she did not know her (thinking we were tourists). Turned out, nope, little girl was right her and Khaleesi are in the same class.

After the booze shopping  we took the LUAS home. Good adventure touring around a castle we’ve been meaning to see since we arrived here.

Khaleesi waiting in front of the whisky shop

Bonus Pictures

Girls and dad on the LUAS
Maddex tried on the backpack at the DART station
Walking into Malahide park
walking in the woods
Roxi and Mila running towards the slides
Dual side by side Ziplines
Roxi made is a few levels up then dad had to rescue her
Dad made it to the top – Brad hoping I would fall


Maddex followed dad and made it to the top


Mila on the log roller, Maddex watching her


Mom laughing at her self
Taking a picture of an old church in front of the castle





Baby in front of the castle. Second time is a charm
Brad checking me out while I’m checking him out
Grassy lawn in front of the castle






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