Took the Fam to Oracle

TLDR – Took the family to visit my new place of employment, Oracle EMEA headquarters in East point Business park.

Getting there

We took the LUAS into the city center and got off at O’Connell GPO, walked up the spire and took a right down Talbot all the way to the end. Before we ran in Connelly train station we turned left on Amiens street where we walked about 2km to Fairview park where the kids played for a bit on the toys rising from the blue rubber play area.

Off the LUAS headed towards the spire to turn right
Strutting down Talbot

After a half hour of letting the kids play, we walked through the park over a canal onto East Wall road along the canal. A Left turn on Alfie Burn road for a block then right into East point business park to my building, Block I.

Mila and Khaleesi on a shake back and forth toy thing
Running in the grass rolling down hills

East Point – @ Oracle

We managed to explore Block I well enough. Thankfully, 90% of the building moved out last week and no one was here today.  The kids were able to run around like we owned the place. We settled down in a conference room to have our lunch snack. Two snickers bars we split 6 ways, a bag of honey roasted peanuts, some fruit snacks, and an apple for everyone.

Lunch and Pictionary

After we finished eating we played Pictionary on a marker board for a while. I don’t think the kids had ever played before. They enjoyed it so we continued to play for a while. We walked through the business park checking out places I goto on a daily basis. The garage thing I park my bike in, the locker room we could not get into, canteen where I normally have lunch and the new building my team will someday move into.

The millfam in front of Cloud guy
Look water, we better run around it

Around the new building Roxi and Khaleesi were starting to wear out, and everyone else was claiming to be a bit cold in the wind. Guess it is time to walk back to the LUAS and head home.

Headed Home

We took almost the same route back home. Minus the park and a small detour down a road with a stone wall on one side next to some train tracks. We watched some guy teaching his dog to run at then climb up the wall for a bit then carried on. Khaleesi tripped trying to avoid some dog poo on the sidewalk, fell and screamed for a bit. Eventually, we made it to Marlborough LUAS stop.

Headed over the truck tunnel on a path leaving work

The train was leaving as we were walking onto the platform; we missed it. It’s a 12-minute wait for the next train; sigh. We decided it’s better to walk then stand still so we crossed over the river and walked to Trinity station where we caught the LUAS headed for home. Mom and the kids sat in a four-seater and played Ispy while I stood next to and guarded a sleeping Roxi in the stroller the whole ride home.

Roxi Passed out on the LUAS

The rest of the pictures

Sweet park with Blue rubber ground
Roxi on a shake back and forth toy thing
Dad, take our picture




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