Mila’s Art I

TLDR – Samples of Mila’s artwork for the past few months – probably the first update of many.

Ohuhu Pens

Mila requested some fancy alcohol markers start of the year. She wanted Ohuhu markers. Never heard of this marker brand, but Mila seems to have done her research, and we’re 100% into supporting the kids interested. Mila started with an 80 pack in May, and we added another 30 pack skin tone markers a month later at Mila’s request.  She has her eye on a 216 pack now. been trying to source it but it seems to only come from the states – trying to find a local source, or transport mule to avoid shipping and duty. 

The colouring Mila does with the markers is crazy impressive. She outlines things to add shadows and varies the colours inside areas to create textures and lighting effects – no clue where she learned what she is doing, but the results are brilliant. 


Example of how what Mila can colour with the markers
Pens with her home made colur swatch


In addition to the colouring Mila’s been working on her Originals skills. I mentioned once, if she drew me the turtles I’d buy her the mega pen package. So far she’s done three of the four turtles. Trying to slightly change the deal and have her draw all four turtles on the same page. Need more to get all of the markers.  Some Originals are completely her own, others she followes along with directions. To me does not matter if you are coping or not it still takes huge talent to come up with good looking results. Mila is coming up with tremendous results. 

Her first super impressive drawing of the year was a pencil drawing of an eye. For the Eye she followed a tutorial. See below eye. 

Her other impressive works have been cartoonish drawings mostly free-hand slightly based on things she found on the internets. See below gallery or other works.


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