Odd Showers – first run to work

I was up bright an early before 0400 this morning running around Dublin in the dark. You know, maybe, Bright is not the right word to use in the same sentence with the words running around in the dark, but when did I ever make sense. Anywho, made it about 5k between our apartment and the office. We walked from the apartment to the office yesterday with the kids and it’s almost a mile according to fitbit, so it took some getting lost to make 5k.

Rough Run outline.JPG
Rough outline of my morning run, yes I did mange onto the race track somehow before working out where I was. it’s dark and I am new here.

After the run I cooled down a bit at my desk, drank some water then mozied down stairs to find the locker room, called a changing room here I guess? Things are the same but different in another country at another Microsoft facility.  In Redmond we have huge single ply Toilet paper rolls,  2 rolls per stall, just in case you run out. In Dublin we have like maybe a ply and a half single square tissue paper, two stacks to the stall, in the washroom stalls.

My hand looks like it is on backwards there or something – if only I had a banana for size comparision

Dublin as a city generally has no water pressure. The major plumbing is ancient and not capable of being supporting a PSI abpve 10. Domestic water pressure is provided at point of use, or via a whole house or building pressure tank pump system. The showers here at work appear to use a point of use pump as well as heating unit. Took some looking around  and poking things to work out how to turn the shower on. Luckily I eventually found directions on the wall and actually read them. Then I looked up, found the string, pulled it, turned on the water thing, pushed the power button and BLAMO – hot water shower.

Reading the directions again it looks like the model in the shower is only a heater, not a pump. Note says not a power shower. Power shower is heat and pressure, not a power shower would be only heat, and the thing appears to have only a heat dial.  Bottom line, I had to read directions and look up what a power shower is, then analyze pictures of a box on the wall in the shower to work out what I was dealing with. Sure is fun exploring a new place.

Directions! – read them, it helps
Pull string on ceiling used to turn on the shower box thing
Reading the Note in the directions again maybe this thing only makes hot water?


Kids walking to work yesterday

Yesterday we took the kids and walked around their school, stopped by Lidls, Pennys, and Tesco at Dundrum, then back home for a break. After those adventures and a break we all put our shoes back on and walked to the office to show them around the place. Between the LUAS stop and work there is a trail we walk on through the woods. Saw some off growths on a tree leaf I felt the need to take a picture of to look into later.

They appear to be integrated into the leaves circulatory system 

Right before Fitbit said a mile we walked into Building 1. Then we toured for a bit. The kids took turns holding my badge to open doors. You have to badge all over the place on this campus, or you have to push a button to open the door to let you out. Motion dectors must be evil here.

It was warm in the building on the weekend the ventitlation was off for the most part. The only spot in the building with AC appears to be where my team sits. After the work tour we took the LUAS home for dinner and a social, followed by bed time.

Roxi has worked out how to hang on on the LUAS
The girls ready to walk to work
only a few of the leaves have the odd growth on them


Todays work station while I setup another one


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