Paris Part 3 – Beauvais to Home

TLDR – We flew to Paris via Beauvais(BVS) vs CDG. The airport is a few hours from Paris. To make heading home simpler and to explore a different town we’re staying next to the airport for a few nights. Beauvais has an amazing public fountain the kids played in and a massive cathedral we chilled in

Monday moving hotels

We were packed and out the door around 0830 headed for a park play in along the way to the dragon park for one more slide down the three-story slide. It’s 1000 am, we’re at the Dragon Park. On the way here we walked by a few signs reading 26c – 28c out already. The kids have had ice cream two times already. Once in our flat to eat all of the ice creams we had leftover in the freezer and another time about 30 minutes ago we bought some from a Franprix on the way here. We’re not made for this much heat.

Mylee napping at the first park we stoped at – Girl can sleep anywhere
Second Ice cream of the day – Half chocolate, half vanilla cones

We played at the dragon park for a bit then walked to a flying tiger to get some random toys. While finding the Tiger we found a McDonald’s we stopped at for some near lunchtime chips. The plan was to walk 40 minutes to Gare du Nord train station and take a train out to our hotel in Beauvais near the airport. We got lost along the way, it was 90 out and, we were all exhausted by the time we arrived at the train station. At the train station, we found out no trains till tomorrow or maybe 4 hours from now depending on where we looked. – f that. We came to Paris on a bus let’s leave on a bus.

Michelle pushing the cart filled with loads of our luggage

We took two subways to the bus port. The Paris subway access gates are generally not wide enough for our stroller.  Some access points you can ask for help over the intercom and they will open a gate for you. I did that this morning and on the other side of the gate fare enforcement was waiting for me to give me a ticket for not scanning my ticket. There is not a ticket scanner for the gate, no clue where I should have scanned it, and no directions anywhere. We’re learning as we go. He knew I was not doing it right; he was waiting there for me. Would have been nice had he helped me understand how things work instead of waiting for me to come in so he could ticket me; Le sigh.

Ok, the plus side of a dick move he only charged 35€ vs 60€ for the full ticket price. While he was explaining to us what we should have done some other guy being ticketed looked like he was about to hit people so our guy went to help his buddy and look more intimidating. We were behind the angry guy so we slowly backed away and waited our turn. I guess thanks fare enforcement for going halfway to being nice. Would have been so much better if you had been full nice and helped me before I went through the gate.

Enough Metro rides, it’s time to board a bus to the airport. Before boarding the bus we stopped at a mall to use the toilet. The toilet was down two flights of stairs. I stayed at the top with the luggage and stroller while everyone else used the toilet. 30 seconds into sitting on the floor near the top of the stairs a security guard rushed over to tell me it was not permitted to sit on the floor. – ¥|!}%{€{€|! I wanted to scream, instead, I stood up. He hovered for about 5 minutes to make sure I did not sit again then finally moved on – this day is trying to ruin us.

Kids blown out passed out on a bus
Khaleesi not having any of anything – Mylee sleeping anywhere again

The kids slept on the hour-plus bus ride to the airport; that was nice. From the airport, we took a 9-minute ride on an electric bus to a stop near our hotel. Michelle checked in while the kids and I played in a small shaded park across the street. Our room has no AC, le deep sigh. We took cold showers then Mylee passed out while the kids watched part of a movie and mom went for a walk to purchase some foods. After Michelle arrived back we went for a walk to a mall to bask in AC and of course have more ice cream. Mylee was not waking up so we left her on the top bunk to sleep.

Shade and water across the street from our hotel waiting for Michelle to check us in

On the walk back from the mall I saw some mist in the distance we had to check out. We very much explore places by “Oh look neat thing over there lets go see” The mist turned out to be a fountain in a large square in front of the courthouse. The fountain came complete with a few kids played in. Which says to us, it’s totally ok for our kids to play in the water. The fountain would spray for a bit then mist for a bit. Kids are happy and drenched now.  A great change from exhausted and stressed out we were hours before trying to get here – Most of the days stress has been completely forgotten now. This space is tremendous.

Kids playing in a fountain in the shade
Wet kids ready to head back to our hotel to sleep

Walking up the room I asked for a fan at the front desk. They said they were out of them but gave me the 26″ fan they had behind the desk. Not going to turn that down. I returned to the room with a fan making me the Hero helping to cool off the room. The room has a bunk bed and a king-sized bed. Mylee is on the top bunk. Maddex and I are in the bottom bunk, me on the mattress and Maddex in the hammock, Roxi is on the sleeping mat between the bed and mom is in the bed with the rest of the girls. We make it work. – Neither Michelle or I took a picture of the room, so the description is all you get.

Front of the hotel we stayed in, the Hotel Chenal next to the train station

Tuesday – Beauvais

High today of 39c, low of 23c, uggg. The high back home in Dublin is 23c, the low in Beauvais. We hit the road a bit before 0900 to explore the town. Behind the train station is a river, oh let’s walk there. Meh. Can’t get near the river but we were able to cross it twice on bridges. Next stop of interest on our random exploration of the town was a largegothic  cathedral, the Église Catholique Saint-Étiennel. We were not able to find a way in so we walked the perimeter and checked it out as best we could.

I went to shoot a picture of the church and BAM Mylee perfectly posed for a picture

After some turns and walking we made our way to the town square with the fountain the kids played in last night. Opposite the water is a small play area with a swing the kids played in while Michelle searched out some coffee. We nixed the water so early in the morning, telling the kids we’d let them get wet shortly. From the play area, we carried on to the mall to get some Ice cream and food at the Carrefour, and explore the mall. We found some no car streets with old looking buildings and some fountains on the wall to the mall.


Old looking building with exposed framework and nothing level anymore

At the mall, we bought some food then found a nice corner to sit down to eat our food. While walking around Michelle found some Seattle’s Best coffee she had to purchase to satisfy her coffee cravings. Before walking to the Mall we walked by the mega big cathedral, La Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, and found it was closed. We wanted to visit it before letting them play in the water, and all the kids wanted to do was play in the water. After feeding the kids we tried the church again and found it open.

Sweet sweet coffee in an air-conditioned mall

The cathedral was built in the 1200’s the first time around and had a collapse shortly after being finished. They rebuilt and built better. In the 1500’s they added on and had another collapse. They rebuilt and built better again. In the 1990s some wood bracing was added internally to make sure things stayed standing, and that is how it was when we visited. Very tall Gorgeous cathedral was a pleasure to tour it. Not only to take in the sites and majesty of it, but also because the church was a good 10c cooler than the outside. A massive stone building turns out to have its own built-in AC; thermal mass.

Inside the cathedral looking towards the choir section

Mylee mentioned that inside of the church did not feel as big as she thought it was going to be looking at the outside. She was still impressed enough to walk around the interior and look at the structure and the stained glass, and all of the rest of the cathedral. The kids even calmed down enough while we walked around to forget about the water. They stayed calm until we walked outside when the instantly asked, “can we go to the fountain now“. “Yes kids, yes we can” The Square has more kids then last time, and people are out setting up chairs, umbrellas, and bags to lay on while you watch your kids play. This town knows how to set it upright.

More kids and chairs and umbrellas
Michelle taking a nap on a mat in the shade
Mylee found a lounge chair to lay on in the sun to dry off after playing in the water

Not wanting to give everyone a sunburn we only spent an hour or two in the water before heading back to the hotel for a break in the shade. When we arrived back they had just finished cleaning our room. The cleaner replaced our nice 26″ fan on a stand with a 10″ desk fan – SAD. I asked later and they gave us one more tiny fan. One to blow on everyone sleeping down below and one to blow on Mylee up in her top bunk above all of us. After a break, we left Mylee napping with her fan and went back for an evening play in the water. After an hour in the water, the kids were hungry and I wanted to try Face Food. We walked across the square and sat down at Face food for kebabs and chips followed by one more time in the water. On the walk back to the Hotel we, of course, picked up more ice cream then started packing to leave for the airport in the morning.

Last ice cream of the day

Headed home

Oh snap, another travel day. Our flight leaves early. We are up at 0600 finishing off packing and eating everything we have in the room. The goal is to catch a 0700 bus to the airport. The Bus stop is right in front of the train station. With some time to kill before the bus arrives, we explored the train station for 38 seconds, ok that was small. To kill another 3 minutes I gave the kids all of our change and let the buy things from a vending machine in the train station.

At the airport, we went to the wrong terminal where they told us to go to the other terminal after we waited in line for a bit. Then we waited in Security line where they told us to get a gate check tag for our stroller before going through the security line. Every airport is different, <eye roll> 30 minutes in line to tag our stroller and stamp our passports for visa checks and we are back in the security line. Before the body cavity search, we passed through passport control. This seemed backward but it worked. On the other side of security is about 300square meters of space for 5 gates and a few shops.

We found some space on the floor in front of the duty-free to wait for the plane. Easy flight home followed by an Aircoach ride. We did not make it all the way home before we ditched the bus. Khaleesi was feeling like she was going to vomit so we got off the bus at the city center and took the LUAS home from Marlborough stop. Back at home we unpacked and settled in the great Irish weather. Hungry I rode up the chipper and picked us up some chicken bowls and chips for late lunch; our normal travel day food. – End of trip.

Trying to find a place to wait for the plane
Mylee’s sleep superpower on the plane

Bonus Pictures

Roxi covered in morning ice cream
Khaleesi with a beek
Momma in the square at the play ground with the fountain in the back
More kids running in the water – it cycled between Mist, and Spray every few minutes
Two story carosel in the main town square next to FaceFood
Looking up at the cathedral
wood bracing holing the cathedral together
Thats a pretty looking window
Running in the mist
YEAH more ice cream


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