States Holiday 2023 – Overview

TLDR – We visited family and friends in the States from June 28th to August 8th 2023. Time with Petersons, Swimspa, Mason Lake, Millers, Lakes Stevens, Seattle, Mainers, Wes and Carie, Eastern WA, Portland – The Kids swam nearly every day and we created some brilliant memories.

  1. States Holiday 2023 – P1 – Traveling to the States for 42 days on holiday – The first 24 hours getting there hurt, even drew blood at one point. We made it – I guess we ended up with a good story?
  2. States Holiday 2023 – P2 – Hanging with the MIller Side of the family at the Compound and Mason Lake for swimming, family, a golf cart parade, and fishing
  3. States holiday 2023 – P3 – Goodwill shopping followed by Hanging with the Peterson Family. Swim spa, fireworks, bow and arrow, foods, and catapult.
  4. Working on the rest ….


Family picture in Eastern WA with brilliant sunset in the background


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