Uniform Update 4 years later

TLDR || Wearing uniforms and not having to pick what I wear is awesome, 4 years later I’ve made changes but still committed. post motivation – [1]


Back in 2012 I gave up picking out what to wear for work and converted to a work uniform. Shortly thereafter, due to work uniform success, I adopted a home uniform. Blue superman shirt, and black comfy shorts. Having a pile of blue superman shirts and black shorts for home makes for less thinking and more closet space. Which was nice when we moved into the fifth wheel. Three and a half years later I’m fully invested in the uniform and have no plans of rolling back to variety. The only odd result has been Mila – Mila asks “who are you“, or demands I put on the correct shirt the rare occasions I wear a different T-shirt.

Mila’s reaction will be fun when the home uniform changes, first few days should be interesting. I do plan on modifying over the next few months. I love the superman shirts, but I’m not a fan of random people talking to me about the shirt in public. While some the comments have been entertaining most or a distraction and annoyance I have the power to avoid, so might as well avoid them now that’s It’s reached a level of annoyance where I can’t not notice it and count the occurrences anymore.

Home, Running, and working around the house uniforms

The home uniform replacement shirt will be a grey fitted fitness t-shirt with no words or symbols on it. We bought 3 of them on sale from target a while ago. They don’t fit the way I’d like to them too, but they are close. I’ve misplaced 10# since we purchased the shirts and plan on keeping with that trend; I did resist homemade cookies last night at work. Sooner rather than later the new shirts should fit, then superman is out the door.

In addition to the home and work uniforms I also have physical labor working projects uniform, and a running uniform. Labors uniform consisting of a bucket of free white shirts I’ve collected over the years, some super thick blue shorts I bought and lasted wash about a decade ago, some sort of a due rag, and fingerless red gorilla gloves. Running uniform consisting of black shorts, and a collection of tesla base layer compression shirts, XDI short sleeve shirts, and Asics shoes. I’m betting I’ll end up with a head band to collect sweat by the end of summer. The tesla shirts are of different colours because I bought different ones looking for the one I liked the most. I’ll run thought them all before standardizing.

I’m planning on adding the tesla compression shirts to my labor uniform this summer while we build the next wing of the house. The shirts breath and wick sweat very well, plus they are much simpler then wearing sun screen to protect my arms and neck from the sun.

From left to right, building, home, work, running uniforms.

Footnotes for Les

[1] This whole post was started to answer Nash’s work hallway question – “is that a new shirt” followed by “what do you actually wear at home?” Along with being picked on = [2], and because pictures are neat…[2]

[2] Co-worker was out sick this week and another co-work indicated I might have caused the sickness. Their evidence attached to the email thread was the below image.

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