Breaking Some Ground

When we first came up with vision for our home we knew we wanted a large home with space for our family and a massive library. To accomplish our goals and accommodate the desire to build it all ourselves, we decided to design the home to be built in phases. The first phase, the kitchen, dining, and living room phase is the one we are living in now. Our next phase will eventually be our bedroom wing. Another 40’x60’ box with five bedrooms in it.

Last weekend the building process began on the excavator. We started clearing  the building site to get an idea of where the bedroom wing will go . When we built the main house I was not the best at documenting the process. This time around I’m going to attempt to be a bit more motivated and diligent documenting the process starting with this post.

Time elapse

Short time elapse video of the clearing process, ending with a drone flying over the top of the house we have now showing the building site, and capturing the before.

Some Pictures

In Kev land every post should end with some pictures.

The kids moving some dirt watching dad move some dirt. Maddex drug his excavator to the site
Hit some water to the side of the building site we’re going to need to plan around. fun.
A view of the building site from about 100′ up in the air
Looking at the house from the other direction, facing east
Looking at the house from the other direction, facing east
About 200′ up in the air looking down at the house
Looking over at Michelle’s office. The shed we lived in last year
Drone Landing
Drone Landing the wrong side up

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