About 10 days ago on a Sunday Khaleesi came down with a fever of 103 degrees in freedom(tm) units; yeah flu.  I say about 10 days ago because it’s been a rough week or two and most of it has blurred together. Khaleesi vomited a few times and laid on the […]

The Great Plague of 2018

Short version – Wrote 2 Powershell commands for finding LUAS times; They can be found on GITHUB. They use 2 web sources., One scrapes and the other makes REST calls to More words version with pictures When we first moved Dublin and started relying on the LUAS for transportation we […]


Thursday Jan 4, 2018, we’re on a bus headed to Cork. As has been typical with our Ireland trips we left the house in darkness and rain. This morning we walked to the Gallops LUAS stop near our house and road the LUAS to O’Connell street station in Dublin city […]

Cork weekend

December has been a slow adventure month for the Millfam. We’d planned a weekend in London for Maddex’s birthday; sadly we didn’t make it. One after another everyone in the house ended up sick with the flu. The flu sucked up about a week and a half of the month. […]

Scooters are Rad

Microsoft Ireland is lacking the unlimited cans of soda Microsoft US offers employees. While I miss my blue soda, and coke zero, not having unlimited soda at hand has led me to some healthier drinking; more water. Instead of soda in cans we have a small fountain drink thing with […]

Fancy water at work

I spent the last few days fighting with duplicate object errors for an Off365 Dirsync project. The project was to setup dirsync, and single sign-on with ADFS / STS for a customer. The trouble shooting documentation from Microsoft, while informative, did not seem to jive and make sense enough to help […]

Duplicate UserPrincipalName conflict