Microsoft Ireland is lacking the unlimited cans of soda Microsoft US offers employees. While I miss my blue soda, and coke zero, not having unlimited soda at hand has led me to some healthier drinking; more water. Instead of soda in cans we have a small fountain drink thing with […]

Fancy water at work

I spent the last few days fighting with duplicate object errors for an Off365 Dirsync project. The project was to setup dirsync, and single sign-on with ADFS / STS for a customer. The trouble shooting documentation from Microsoft, while informative, did not seem to jive and make sense enough to help […]

Duplicate UserPrincipalName conflict

Three weeks ago, yes it took me that long to find enough round tuits to finish this post, Millfams first trip off the Irish maintain was last weekend. Our first destination was Berlin Germany to see the sights and visit Wes and his wife Cari. The kids were surprisingly chipper […]

Berlin Trip

Maddex has been into looking at paper maps of the area and checking maps on his phone lately. A week or two ago he found a place he wanted to explore on the map and told Michelle and I all about it. Then he mapped out the route we’d need […]

Howth Weekend

Khaleesi turns three on Friday and we typically designate a week plus or minus a bit  as a birthday extravaganza for the kids and we do our best to dedicated the time to adventures. Khaleesi asked to go to Paris for the weekend but the cheapest tickets available started at 100 euro. […]

Limerick and King Johns Castle

Two of my four kids are old enough to have to pay for the LUAS tram system in Dublin which uses LEAP cards for payment. When we arrived in Dublin we purchased a LEAP card for everyone who needed one. In an attempt to avoid misplacing the kids cards I […]

Holes in your LEAP card