In today’s Dublin Randoms episode, we have the following pictures – ¬†Khaleesi on a scooter, selfies with the girls, Michelle hobnobbing, Fitbit nerd stuff, some burgers, a scooter pack, and a number of shots around the office at work. Fun with Kids Khaleesi has been practicing her scooter riding with […]

Dublin Randoms – Two

In an effort to spend more time with dad, and I hope because she seems to have a blast doing it, Mila has been working to monopolize scooter rides to the store with dad. Since she was a wee lass she has always had great running form and balance. It’s […]

Mila Scootering to the Store

Since we moved to Ireland and have been utilizing the LUAS as our core transportation thing, I’ve wanted an alert to pop-up on my watch telling me the train times when I’m near a stop. Near being like 2-5 minutes from the stop walking speed. I’ve toyed around with the […]

Near the Luas – PushOver

Short Version | To set up an on this day email from a WordPress blog thing; download on_this_day plugin, upload to your site, and active. Then set up a Microsoft Flow RSS to email flow to watch the RSS feed and send emails when new things show up. More words […]

On This Day WordPress Email