Covid – Randoms 2020 – 1

TLDR – Some randoms from around the house during the Covid Lockdown of 2020. Sassy Salon makeup moments, Nachos, Michelle made Sausage, and Khaleesi ran into a door

Sassy Salon

The girl’s set up a salon in the playroom one day and called it Sassy Salon. Michelle and I like to encourage creativity and exploration, double so during lockdown, anything to entertain the kids we will toss some money at. From there things grew – we ordered brushes, makeup, mirrors, curling things, nail things, face cleaning supplies – so much stuff. The Sassy salon now produces art on a regular basis.


Girls showing off their first makeup kit.

Mila with a bit of some eye makeup – they like eye makeup
Roxi and Khaleesi with eye makeup
Glamour shot of Roxi after having her hair curled

Sausage gravy

In the states, breakfast sausage has some spice to it you cannot find in Ireland. I’ve not missed US sausage until….  Michelle and John were chatting last week about something or other. During the conversation Michelle heard ” Bla bla challenge presented make biscuits and gravy bla bla”  Not having access to the proper sausage to create biscuits and gravy was no big deal for Michelle – I’m firmly convinced there is nothing she cannot do. Off to the internet to look up how to make sausage and sausage gravy Michelle went.

Days later, Michelle went to the shops and came returned home with spices and ground sausage. A few hours later she had made sausage patties, sausage gravy, and biscuits. It was AMAZING TREMENDOUS fabulous tasting; for serious, shocking how spectacular it turned out. Rivaled if not turned out better then the Sausage gravy perfection back home that came from Uncle Daves. The kids were Meh on it, John and I did not mind that all, we ate everything Michelle cooked and asked for a repeat soon. – Looking in the fridge I can see two packages of ground sausage, interesting.




Beautiful finished product

Khaleesi ran into a door

We are not 100% sure how it happened – We hear some crying, then Mila yelled to us ” Mom, dad Khaleesi is bleeding”  we rushed upstairs and see Khaleesi holding her eye with some blood running down her face. We pick her up and carry her downstairs to comfort and calm her. Trying to work out what happened all Khaleesi said was ” I don’t know, I’m not sure what happened”  Best we are able to work out is she hit her head on the metal part of the door jam.

The gash quickly stopped bleeding as she calmed down. I put a plaster over the cut and called it good for a while. Later that night the band-aid came off giving us a good view of the cut. The more I looked at it the more I was thinking she should do something to lessen the scar. We don’t want a huge scar above her eye.  Sadly, No liquid band-aid, no sutures in the house. I rode down to Dunnes looking for something; nothing found at the shop, and the pharmacists were closed. luckily Cullen’s mom had some sutures she was willing to donate; Thanks, Sara.



She was not too excited to have her cut cleaned and glued together

Other foods

Looking the fridge Wednesday night turns out we had some scratch and dent ground beef in need of cooking before it’s life ended. Made some taco meat and served it with nacho chips covered in cheese, tomatoes, and olives. The kids devoured it!


For my current lunch, I’ve replaced the burrito shell with a big glop of mashed tators, yams and a few peanuts. It’s vastly more filling and fibrous then Burrito. The burrito filling is now about 80% veg to meat – peas, onions, beans, corn, peanuts, and some ground beef. Most days it’s the only meal I’m eating; trying to fight the Covid weight gain I’ve implemented an 11:00 – 18:00 eating window skipping dinner most nights making the window more like 1100-1500

Kev lunch

Bonus pictures

Makeup kit, waffles, and a foam plane that’s lasted over a week
trying out lip stick
Hail curled and legos
Michelle’s sewing station in our bedroom
Which kid do you think this is.  —




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