Dublin Trip Bathrooms 2016

It all started in Vancouver with a picture of an odd washroom urinal with handle bars around it. I see odd things and take pictures, because that’s what I do. I’m looking at this urinal thinking how do you even use the handles? I tried a few methods and none of them seemed to make the experience any better, but pictures

Hold on tight while standing at the urinal

A few days after the Vancouver urinal I found another odd washroom / toilet in the basement of a restaurant called Bobo in Dublin. Dublin is a town lacking much disability access both based on age of construction and design, and on lack of space. After the brilliant burger at Bobo’s I needed a washroom so I walked down the stairs with four landings to the washroom and I’m confronted with a crazy accessible toilet.

All of the washroom handles you’d ever need

I mean really? do you need to be able to do Dips on the toilet? I guess you might. now that I’ve run into another crazy toilet it’s becoming a theme for the trip. where else can I find different toilets? Turns out the next odd washroom thing I found was at work. apparently a few months ago they replaced the rolled toilet paper with individual single ply tissue papers.

Single Ply Toilet paper. Thanks Kimberly Clark salesman.
Another shot of the tissue paper dispenser

Now I’m proactively looking in every bathroom out there I’m walking by looking for something odd. The next washroom is in the Port House in DunDrum. Nothing too odd about it, but it is a cute tank near the ceiling toilet setup to provide water pressure toilet.

The higher the bowl the more the pressure

The walk home from the port house took us through the Dundrum mall where I found an odd mobile handrail next to the toilet worthy of a picture.

Extra hand rail down
Handrail back up out-of-the-way on the wall.

The portable hand rail seems to be a thing in Dublin because i found another one at the Johnny Foxes Pub in a massive handicapped washroom nowhere near the normal bathroom hidden in the back of the place up a ramp.


The next day we came upon a set of three urinals in a washroom that appear to have water running to them but they have no device to trigger a flush. Maybe they run on a drip system? not really sure but there were a bit odd, another picture


The the last and nicest washroom of the trip was the washroom at hotel De Ashwin where I stayed. The odd part here is where is the bowl? Where does the water come from for the flush? Must be in the wall somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.



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