Forced holiday in Spain

TLDR – We have to leave Ireland for 2-8 weeks while immigrations paperwork happens. We’re starting off in Malaga Spain.

The full Batch of trip reports 

We need to talk

This morning Oracle Irish Relocation, KPMG, contacted me with an email basically saying “we need to talk” – sad face what now. We need to talk normally means bad news to me. Unless it is Old boss Ashwin telling me we need to talk then it could be anything because he likes to pick on people with we need to talk. I took the call as soon as possible to hear the news. The news was not amazing. It boiled down to the following three options presented to us by relo

  1. We prepare an employment permit application and you and your family would be required to leave the State prior to the filing of same
    We would prepare your employment permit application and once processed you and your family could return to Ireland on the basis of your new employment permit.  Whilst we appreciate that this scenario may cause you some difficulty and considerable disruption, this is the lower risk-based approach. 
  2. We file an employment permit application for you now whilst your request with the Department of Justice is pending.
    Kindly note however that there is a risk that this application may be refused.  The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation may seek further information as to the reasons for your residency in the State.  A pending request with the Department of Justice may not prove sufficient reason.
  3. We await the decision from the Department of Justice on your request to continue residing in Ireland.  Once the decision is processed and if successful we would then file your employment permit application. 
    There is no prescribed timeframe for these type of requests as they are discretionary in nature and are processed on a case by case basis.  In our experience such requests can take 2-3 months to be reviewed; however, they can take up to 6 months.
    In this scenario, an employment permit application would only be made after the Department of Justice had granted a successful request to remain in the State and such letter would be presented as part of the employment permit application. Bearing these timeframes in mind, your start date with Oracle is likely to be further delayed until a decision has been received from the Department of Justice.

Now what do we do

After thinking about it through an episode of Game of Thrones Michelle and I starting talking. Talking it over we decided our best option is to leave Ireland and come back when we are allowed too. Irish immigration wants a one-way ticket and an entry stamp in our passports to prove we have left the country. Unplanned oneway tickets back home to the states run about 3-5k depending on the day and close to the same for a one-way return.

We know from Experience that we run about 80-120$ a day depending on room costs to travel Europe with four kids. Checking google flights Malaga, Spain appears to 16$ one way and we can find houses to rent for 50$ a night. Means 2 months in Malaga come in a bit more than the cost of a one-way plane ticket to the US. I guess we are going to winter in Spain.

As far as bad news having a silver lining not needing vitamin D supplements for the holidays is a pretty good silver lining. Sorry John you have to stay here and watch the house.

A picture

Ever Post needs a picture. Here is a picture of our found on the ground treasures for the last 6 months. We found all of these things plus about 45 euros in change and various amounts of other currencies.  

Some Red Bush – I have feeling there will be some of this in our coke tonight after the kid are in bed.

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