Mila Scootering to the Store

In an effort to spend more time with dad, and I hope because she seems to have a blast doing it, Mila has been working to monopolize scooter rides to the store with dad. Since she was a wee lass she has always had great running form and balance. It’s not taker her long at all to improve her scooter skills to a fun level. She’s come a long way from going slow and falling over all the time. Now she’s starting to get cocky and, dare I say, she is almost made it to the level of being overconfident. Her latest tricks are touching the back of her head with a leg, and sitting on the scooter while riding.

Sitting on the scooter
Going for the back of her head

Of course, being Mila, she has to be fashionable on her scooter. For today’s ride, she is wearing her new blue dress grandma bought her at a charity shop and her leopard skin vest for accent. She wanted to wear her new sparkling shoes but I made her wear some older shoes that fit better, for, as they say in Ireland, “Health and Safety reasons”. She may have great balance when running and moving, but what I was trying to get a picture of her outfit at the LUAS stop she somehow managed to fall over while not moving.

Smile and look cute at the camera
Dad I need to check my nails first
And then we fell over

On the way back from Dunes we normally check the LUAS time. The rule is if it is less then 4 minutes away we will wait for it. Today on the way back from the store the LUAS was 2 minutes out so Mila and I waited for it. When we have scooters we don’t get off at the closest stop to our house, the Gallops, we go one stop further to Glen Carin. Gallops is uphill to the house. Glen Carin is downhill to the house. Down is much more entertaining on the scooters. Today, at her request, Mila and I raced to the crosswalk. She beat me, of course, dad can be so slow sometimes.

Mila on her scooter on the LUAS holding on tight to not fall over

A few more pictures


She was working on a new trick coming at me. We’ll have to come up with a name for this one.




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